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Computer Repair Services

New Jersey Computer Repair Services: Affordable, Fast, Convenient

New Jersey Computer Repair Services

When your computer stops working, much of your life is on hold until you can get it fixed. But searching online for “computer repair services near me” will only get you so far. 

How do you know which computer repair service is the best one — the one that won’t let you down when it counts?

You look for experience, customer satisfaction and technical know-how. At Dave’s Computers, our trusted computer repair technicians combine all three of these traits to deliver unmatched service to every customer who calls us or walks through our door.

Dave’s Computer Repair Services

If your computer needs to be repaired, Dave’s long list of computer repair services can meet your needs.
Keep scrolling for a list of common services we offer. If you don’t see your problem below, we can still help.
Give us a call at (908) 304-9760 or contact us online for personalized computer repair guidance.


PC Repair

  • Serving nearly all types of PCs, our computer repair specialists in New Jersey can fix any PC problem you have. PC monitor repair, internet connectivity issues, PC fan repair, startup problems, PC setup and emergency PC repair are in our wheelhouse.

    No PC problem is too big or too small for the computer repair team at Dave’s Computers to tackle.

Laptop Repair

For a device meant to help people on the go, a laptop can hit a hard stop when even a relatively minor problem pops up. Dave’s Computers has been providing laptop repair services to New Jersey customers since 2011. Some common laptop repairs we handle include:

Broken laptop screens | Laptop overheating | Damage to laptop hinges, cases and keyboards | Problems rebooting or shutting down the laptop | Laptop hard drive replacement | Laptop battery replacement

Mac Repair

Fans of Apple products are proud of how long their Mac computers last. And they should be. But even top-of-the-line computers like iMacs, Mac Minis, Macbook Pros and Macbook Airs can have problems. And because Macs are expensive and meant to last a long time, Mac problems can be incredibly frustrating.

As a full-service Mac repair shop, Dave’s Computers can handle any problem that may come up with your Mac, from accidental damage and water exposure to fried hard drives and failing to start up.

Data Recovery Services

When your computer crashes, your hard drive dies or your USB flash drive is corrupted, losing your files and photos can feel like losing a part of your life. Your hard work and cherished memories are gone in half a second.

Our New Jersey data recovery specialists love to see our customers’ faces light up when we tell them we can get those files back. While some data can never be recovered, a lot more than you think is within reach with the right help. Once we get your files back, our data recovery experts can set up automated data backup services to make sure this never happens to you again. 

Virus Removal

Computer viruses can range from the annoying to the downright sinister. No matter what type of virus you have — spyware, malware, adware or ransomware — you need to get it off of your device as quickly as possible. To remove unwanted popups, prevent the theft of your data and personal information and ensure that your computer keeps running smoothly, contact the New Jersey virus removal experts at Dave’s Computers.

IT Support

Dave’s Computers has the knowledge and resources to become your go-to business IT support specialists. Offering call-in service and remote computer support, our IT support specialists can diagnose problems, provide solutions and answer computer questions for your business. 

Screen Repair

A broken computer screen can turn a perfectly functioning computer into a useless pile of junk. But you don’t have to throw your computer away because of a broken computer screen. Offering Apple and Macbook screen replacement, PC screen replacement and screen repair for all types of computers, Dave’s Computers can provide a solution to even the most damaged screens.

Hard Drive Replacement

Whether you want to install a new hard drive, repair an old hard drive or simply find out what’s wrong with your hard drive, the computer repair services experts at Dave’s Computers can help. We offer honest guidance and affordable prices to help when your hard drive is no longer working for you.

Computer Setup

Your computer may be brand new, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to set up properly. We may never understand why manufacturers make computers so difficult to set up for non-experts, but we will always offer friendly, fast and affordable computer setup help in New Jersey. 

A Computer Repair Service to Meet Your Needs

  • At Dave’s Computers, our New Jersey computer repair specialists put the “service” in “computer repair services.” We know you don’t just need help with your technical problem. You need fast, convenient and affordable service. That’s why we offer a variety of service types:

    • Same-day computer repair
    • Overnight computer repair
    • Remote computer repair
    • In-home computer repair

    Our friendly team is ready to help you when, where and how you need. 

Get Your Computer Repaired at Dave’s

Is your computer not working? That’s stressful enough. Don’t make this more stressful by picking the wrong New Jersey computer repair services provider. Instead, go with Dave’s Computers.

To get started, fill out the form below OR call us at (908) 304-9760 OR visit our computer repair shop in Hillsborough, New Jersey today.