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Data Recovery

Why and how you should wipe your hard drive when selling it

Selling your old components is a great way to make enough money to buy new ones. With technology moving so fast, what was cutting edge a couple years ago is now old hat. With SSDs now cheaper, longer lived and more reliable than ever, they are now a very viable storage medium. Lucky for us […]

Data loss is something that affects all of us either as home users or within an enterprise. Whether it’s your personal family photographs or a copy of your resume to essential corporate data or PFI, data loss is serious business. It is something no computer user can ignore. As data recovery experts, Dave’s Computers has […]

It’s every computer user’s nightmare: system failure. In addition to destroying your computer, system failure requires Apple data recovery. This, in turn, sends you scrambling to retrieve your files from a corrupted or damaged hard drive. Fortunately, you can take proactive steps to make Apple data recovery easier, even if your system does crash. Read […]

Data recovery is a hot topic. As new internet and data threats emerge, the importance of retrieving lost data surges. In fact, the Graziadio Business Review reports that there are upwards of 4.6 million occurrences of data loss each year. User mistakes cause some of these episodes, while viruses and software corruption cause others. Thanks to the […]

Dave’s Computer Repair Blog – How to open and convert an Outlook OST file to avoid data loss The OST format is a Microsoft file format for Exchange files. It contains Exchange mailbox data that can be used on the local system whether connected to Exchange or not. The idea is partly to allow access […]

Dave’s Computer Repair Blog – How to repair and recover Word files While Dave’s Computers specializes in hard disk data recovery, our Hillsborough data recovery team can recover most files from most places. One of the most common requests we see is to recover a Microsoft Office file that has been corrupted is didn’t save […]