Gaming Computer Repair New Jersey

The world of gaming has grown and developed into a sophisticated art form. However, all the advancements in graphics and speed require a computer or laptop that can handle the work. For serious gamers, it is common to have a custom computer built to fit your needs which is great to have until something goes wrong. Luckily, Dave’s Computers in New Jersey has years of experience repairing computers and laptops specific for gaming.

What is the Difference Between a Gaming Laptop and Regular Laptop?

Laptops for everyday and business use standard memory components and graphics cards. Because the graphics of modern-day video games have adopted a photorealist standard, a gaming laptop will focus on resolution, which means the best graphics possible. Other components of gaming computers include storage and speed to support the large file sizes.

Gaming Laptop Repair

Everyday gaming requires a high-level of performance which means your gaming machine will experience inevitable wear and tear. Common computer issues include:

  • Broken Keyboard
  • Computer Running Hot
  • CPU
  • Computer Not Turning On, and more.

Whether you have a standard laptop or a custom-built computer, the computer repair technicians of Dave’s Computers can help. Not only do we offer free estimates, but we also offer both in-store and in-home services.

Computer Problems with a PC Build

The best way to ensure that you have a system that can fully support your gaming needs is to build a custom computer. It takes an incredible amount of work to build your own computer, so it can be even more overwhelming if it malfunctions. Some common problems that come with DIY PC include:

  • Nothing happens when you hit the power button
  • The computer is making noise but there is no display
  • The computer turns on but immediately shuts off a few seconds later
  • CPU Errors
  • Graphics Card Problems
  • Hard Drive Issues

Do not get discouraged if your custom-built computer is not working. It is also important that you do not attempt to fix any problems if you are unfamiliar with system components to avoid inflicting further, more serious damage. We fully understand the complexity of gaming computers, so get back to gaming as quickly as possible by giving Dave’s Computers of Hillsborough a call.

Our Gaming Computer Repair Process

Dave’s Computers has been New Jersey’s top computer repair store since 2011, and most repairs can be completed in one hour or less! The process of our extensive repair service includes:

  1. Our technicians listen to the problems you are experiencing with your computer.
  2. Next, we run a full diagnostics test to fully understand what is causing the issues.
  3. Once we know what is going on and how to fix it, we provide a free estimate.
  4. Upon approval of the estimate, we will complete the repair and do our best to prevent it from happening again.

As we mentioned, gaming computers are high-powered machines with more intense components. Unless you are a laptop repair specialist, it is best to leave the repairs to a professional. We understand how frustrating computer problems can be, which is why we will work hard to get your laptop fixed as soon as possible.

What are the best gaming laptops?

There are many different types of laptops built for gaming. And, Dave’s Computers is highly experienced in repairing them all! Some of the best gaming computers are made by:

  • Razer
  • Dell
  • Acer
  • Asus
  • MSI

Although most gaming computers are on the expensive side, there is less risk of malfunction or underperformance while you’re playing. The most important thing to consider is what computer will best support your gaming needs. If you have questions or would like an expert opinion, give us a call!

Expert Computer Repair & Laptop Repair for Gamers in NJ

Our technicians know their craft as they have amassed experience while dealing with different laptop issues over the years. We promise to do everything in our power to ensure our customers are 100% satisfied every single time. If you’re experiencing issues with your computer or laptop, let Dave’s help! We offer in-store and in-home computer repair services, and we can fix all brands of desktops and laptops.