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How Much Does A Computer Repair Cost


Whether you have a PC or Mac, you will most likely encounter some sort of computer issue. These can be quick, simple fixes or could be problems that should be handled by a professional computer repair technician.

At Dave’s Computers of Hillsborough New Jersey, we are proud to diagnostics before completing any computer repair or laptop repair. When you bring your issues to us, our highly trained team will:

  1. Thoroughly inspect your machine to determine the exact cause of the problem.
  2. Provide you with an accurate timeline and cost for completion.
  3. If applicable, we will provide recommendations that will prevent the problem from happening again.

If you are looking for a price range for repairs, we have more information below about typical repairs, what the repairs consist of, and more. Keep in mind, the information below consists of generic information. Each machine type and each operating system come with their own unique technologies. The repair professionals of Dave’s Computers insist on getting the diagnostics right before committing to repair. We understand how frustrating and inconvenient computer problems are which is why our goal is to get your machine back up and running as quickly as possible. And, we can repair it all! We handle Apple computers and Apple laptops in addition to all brands of PC computers.


Price Ranges for Computer Repair Services

Software Repair $100-150

Laptop Screen Replacement $125-225+

Hard Drive Replacement $100-$225

Memory/RAM Upgrade $50-200

Liquid Damage Repair $99-250+

Power Jack Repair $100-200

Motherboard Replacement $150-500+

Keyboard Replacement $80-195

Fan Repair/Replacement $99-175

Virus Removal $125-149

SSD Upgrade $150-400+

Data Recovery $199+


Software Repair – $75-150. The good news about software issues is that oftentimes they can be fixed within minutes. In this case, you wouldn’t even have to leave our store and come back. This is also a repair that could potentially be performed remotely. Our techs are happy to work with you over the phone to save you the trip. There are instances in which software problems need some more work. Prior to completing any work we will back up your data to avoid losing anything. After, we will work through processes to fix the issue. The most common fix for software bugs is a factory reinstall. This is a highly effective method, but it is time consuming and should be handled by a professional.

Hard Drive Replacement – $100-225. This price range will fluctuate depending on the type of hard drive you would want. Depending on the type of hard drive, in addition to the amount of storage space, will ultimately determine the final cost. However, our pricing will include both parts and labor, so there will be no surprise or hidden fees that come at the time of payment. Looking to get an exact estimate? Give Dave’s Computers a call! We would be happy to discuss your needs to provide a more accurate price.

Liquid Damage Repair – $99-250+. Spilling on your computer or laptop will immediately send anyone into panic mode. Have no fear, we are here to help. The price for this type of repair largely depends on the extent of the damage. It does not necessarily matter how much liquid has spilled as much as where the liquid traveled to and how much damage it has done. Prior to performing any work, we will perform a full evaluation of your machine to provide a price quote dependent on what we find.

Motherboard Replacement – $150-300+. This is the main circuit board of a computer which provides the essential communication between components. Therefore, any repair work needed for a motherboard will be more expensive. Again, the cost will mostly depend on the type of machine you have. Standard laptops and desktop computers have motherboards around $30-$150 while Macs and other high end machines have $200-$600 motherboards. It is crucial that you leave this type of repair to computer professionals as it could involve electrical components that can be easily damaged if mistreated.

Fan Repairs/Replacements – $99-175. The biggest threat to computer fans is dust which can clog the fan. In this instance, the fan simply needs to be cleaned or replaced depending on the extent. Fan Replacement and fan repairs are both fairly inexpensive. The part itself is relatively cheap, but to complete the repair or replacement takes some disassembly which means the bulk of the cost will be for labor.

SSD Upgrade – $150-400. As mentioned above for the hard drive replacement pricing, the cost of an SSD upgrade will mostly depend on the size you need. However, another factor to consider is the time it will take to replace your current HDD with the updated SDD. Before we do anything, we will give you a clear timeframe of how long the repair will take which will then result in an accurate quote. Keep in mind, more space means the more you will pay.

Laptop Screen Replacements – $125-225+. Regardless if you have a MacBook Pro or Surface Pro, Dave’s Computers can handle laptop screen replacements for any machine. If you have a cracked screen, scratched screen, or damaged screen – we are here for you. This process is very straightforward, so the price mostly depends on the size of the screen and the model of your laptop. Standard laptop screen replacement costs around $125 while a MacBook might cost around $175. We will provide the best possible replacement product for your machine.

Memory/RAM Upgrade – $50-200. A memory upgrade is not as common these days. However, if you are looking to get a memory upgrade the pricing follows the same conditions as previous storage repairs. The amount of storage you have and the amount of storage you would like are the biggest considerations for providing a quote. Depending on your machine, our team may have to disassemble if the RAM slot is not easily accessible.

Power Jack Repair – $100-200. There are a couple factors to consider when it comes to power jack repair: will our team need to perform soldering, or is the power jack on a harness? If soldering does need to happen, is there any additional damage to surrounding parts? Another thing to consider is that your machine may have heat-sensitive parts that are located near the power jack which could make this repair task more time consuming. Because of all these factors, the biggest contributor to price for this repair is labor.

Keyboard Replacement – $80-195. Keyboard replacement for desktops almost entirely depends on the cost of the new keyboard. Some are on the cheaper side and cost around $10 whereas more advanced keyboards can cost over $100. In terms of keyboard replacement for laptops, PC Laptop keyboard replacements are typically around $100-120, whereas Mac keyboard replacements vary by model.

Virus Removal – $49-100. A majority of the time, virus removal is very straightforward with a standard cost of $99. While the computer repair techs of Dave’s Computers are highly effective and skilled with virus removal, there may be instances in which we cannot fully remove a virus. In that scenario, we will provide suggestions involving factory resets or reinstalls. With all instances of virus removals, our team will always provide security and protective software to ensure it never happens again.

Data Recovery – $99-1000+.One of the specialty services of Dave’s Computers, data recovery is hard to quote as there are many factors to consider. Simple data transfers from dead computers are on the cheaper side and typically cost between $50-$150. Recovery for lost files, deleted files, recovery of bad sectors, or fixing corrupted files can cost between $200-$500. Lastly, the most extensive data recovery involves dropped or damaged hard drives which typically costs anywhere from $500-$5,000.

We understand how cost is almost always the deciding factor when it comes to hiring a professional computer repair company. However, at Dave’s Computers we promise to always provide a free, thorough estimate of the repair before doing any work. You will never come across any hidden fees or last-minute surprise charges. We are happy to discuss any details over the phone, or feel free to stop by our store in Hillsborough where we are ready to assist you.

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