My Help Desk


My Help Desk

Technology has made life easier and more convenient for thousands of reasons, but it can also create a lot of headaches. When your laptop, tablet, smartphone, or other computing device begins to run slow, crashes, or won’t turn on, it could be due to countless reasons.

What happens when you have a problem with your computer? In most cases, you end up trying to find a computer tech close to you who might be able to solve your problem. The costs can skyrocket and you could end up waiting for days or even weeks to get the problem addressed.

The Solution

Imagine paying a low monthly fee and having your own dedicated compute guru at your service anytime you need them. No matter what kind of problem you face with your computing device –from a virus corrupting files to a crashed hard drive and everything in between- Dave’s Computers service will be there for you.

With My Help Desk, you no longer have to worry about the most common problems that affect computers. This incredible service allows you access to an experienced computer technician anytime you encounter a problem such as pop-up windows, viruses, or a system that is running slow.


Common Problems

Viruses, malware, and endless cookies that are downloaded to your computer are a constant threat. No matter what brand of anti-virus program you have running isn’t going to protect you against all threats.

Even when you are conscientious about attachments that you open in emails, the moment a friend’s email is hacked, it can put your computer in danger.

With My Help Desk, you will have a knowledgeable computer professional who can help to ensure that your system is safe, set up a firewall to increase security, and get your computer running back to optimal performance levels within hours, not weeks.


Our Coverage

We work with all brands, makes, and models.  In addition to repairs and computer support, our technicians can also help you navigate software and applications like Apple iTunes, Outlook, and Microsoft Word.

With all of programs that are out there, when you have questions about optimizing them or even getting them to work properly, it can become a headache dealing with the official tech support systems. With Dave’s Computers, you get access to someone right here in New Jersey who can answer all of your questions and get you back to finishing your projects within a matter of minutes.

No complicated or automated calling systems to jump through. One call or email will put you in touch with our experienced, knowledgeable team.

The best part of My Help Desk is that you never have to leave your home or office, which saves you time and money. Our technicians, located in New Jersey, are just a click or quick phone call away, from 9 a.m. to 11 p.m. ET each day.

Some of the services provided through My Help Desk include:

  • Removing viruses, spyware, malware, and other security threats
  • Upgrading software and other programs
  • Creating a firewall or other security measures to keep your data safe
  • Removing and updating old or slow applications
  • Removing junk files, spam, or files with errors
  • Improving your computer’s overall speed
  • Much more!