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Facebook hacked. What you need to do now

Last week, Facebook announced that over 50 million accounts had been hacked. The issue isn’t just this hack of Facebook accounts but also the loss of account entry keys that integrate with Facebook Connect. This could potentially lead to further data loss and companies are still trying to figure out how far the losses could […]

If you keep up with the news, you will know that our Customs and Border Protection agency has gotten a little overzealous with their ability to check our electronic devices. It isn’t just foreigners, we apparently have no rights when crossing our own borders even though we are American citizens. So how can you keep […]

Have you seen the notifications within Windows 10 that Edge is safer than Chrome and Firefox? It seem an absurd claim but one that is intriguing quite a few people. I have personally spoken to a couple of friends who have retried Edge since seeing the popup and while they like what they saw, they […]

Computer security is a key concern of us here at Dave’s Computers and it should be a key concern of yours too. The internet is the modern day Wild West and is largely unregulated. People do and say exactly what they want without any repercussions and many want what you have, whether that’s money, data […]

You don’t have to have anything to hide to want to keep people out of your computer. You don’t even have to justify wanting to keep prying eyes out, you only have to do it. After the Snowden revelations, we have had more people than ever before ask us about IT security. About how to […]

Companies like Microsoft release patches and updates regularly to fix different little issues that may come up with the operating system or other software. Usually, these patches only come out on occasion, but the month of October has been a busy time for Microsoft especially. These computer support patches are actually critical, and that means […]