New Computer Setup Services In New Jersey

Get Your New PC, Mac, Or Desktop Computer Set Up Quickly And Painlessly 

So you have invested in a new computer? Congratulations, you must be excited and raring to put it to work. We just wish it was as easy as unboxing and powering up the new computer. The truth is setting up a new computer is a little more involved than that.


There are quite a few important steps to take to get your new Mac, PC, or desktop properly set up. And we fully understand why you may not want to do it yourself. Missing one important step may mean your new machine does not function as optimally as it should.


You have come to the right place. At Dave’s Computers, we have been setting up new computers across New Jersey since we opened shop in 2011. We have developed a quick and painless step-by-step process of setting up new computers. We will send a technician to your home or office because we want our computer setup service to be as convenient as possible. 


If you invested in a new computer because your old one failed, you have probably lost enough time as it is. So we are keen to get you back to work as soon as possible. 


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What New Jersey Residents Can Expect From Our New Computer Setup Service

Before you sit down to set up your new computer, there doesn’t seem to be much to it. But there are many steps that must be completed in order, including important but seemingly negligible ones. 


We have new computer setup checklists that are specific to PC, Mac, and desktop computers. And while you can set up a new PC without a Microsoft account, we advise Windows PC users to have one. Our technician will help you set it up as well as optimizing your new computer’s start-up and shutdown processes to speed up them up. 


For new Mac setups specifically, the technician will help you migrate your itunes library and sync all your i-devices, among other setup tasks. If you’re new to the Mac laptops, the technician will guide you on how to use the Mac operating system and show you it’s different keyboard shortcuts and where all your files are located.


Generally, the following steps are standard on all new computer setup jobs our technicians undertake for clients across New Jersey:

Check For Updates To Bring Your New Computer’s Operating System Up To Date

Your computer may be new but there will likely be a significant time difference between its date of manufacture and your purchase. In between the two dates, several operating system updates would have been released. 


Unless you update the operating system to the latest version, you will experience a performance lag on your new computer. We will manually check for updates to make sure the new computer performs optimally from the get-go.


We don’t just make sure your computer’s operating system updates to the latest version. We also set up your new computer to receive regular updates to ensure your computer’s protection and performs well now and going forward.


Our technicians will also check your new computer’s drivers to make sure all your hardware components sync and work together for a seamless computing experience. We will update those that need to be updated, although admittedly, Windows now does a good job of this on its own.

Removing All Bloatware To Ensure No Unnnessary Software Slows Down Your New Computer

Computer manufacturers have the habit of pre-loading the Windows 10 OS with proprietary firmware. Many of these programs don’t save any purpose at all, besides promoting the manufacturer and their vendors’ products. 


Bloatware, if not removed, slows down your PC and eat up your storage space. Between manual ways and software, we use any tools that will do the job faster and efficiently.

Install All The Applications You Need To Operate Your New Computer Productively And Safely

Applications are important installations on modern devices that expand your new computer’s usage scope. The most important of these will be your web browser. While Google Chrome may seem an automatic choice, there are other browsers that are just as solid and capable. We will walk you through the pros and cons of the different browser options.


While you can set up a new PC without a Microsoft account, it is advisable for Windows PC users to have one. Our technician will help you set it up. 


You likely have multiple passwords for social media, bank, and other online accounts. The common advice is to not use the same password for all your accounts as that increases the chances of the password falling into the wrong hands. For this reason, we encourage installing a password manager where you will safely keep all your different passwords.


Do you want to enable Cortana, the Microsoft AI assistant? If smart assistants aren’t your thing then, fair enough, you can proceed without it. Many, though, find them handy. Our technician will also guide you through the install for Office 365, which is an essential add-on to Windows 10.


Importantly, we want to set up your new computer so it does not install programs in the background without your knowledge. You must know what runs on your computer at all times.

Install Anti-Virus Software To Add Another Layer Of Security

For PCs, Windows Defender now does a good job of securing your computer. But because there are threats to your online security coming in every direction – a consequence of spending so much time online – there is absolutely no harm in adding another layer of security. 


We will help you shop for an anti-virus software to protect your new computer from viruses and malware. There will be security trialware that come preinstalled on your new computer, so will consider those options, too. We don’t stop there:


Our technician will also give you a crash course on how to stay safe online. They will guide you on how to:


  • Protect your personal information, including how to keep it professional and limited (we will show you where your privacy settings are)
  • Secure your internet connection and advise on how to browse safely, emphasizing the importance of being careful with your downloads,
  • Choose strong, safe passwords.

Connect All The Peripheral Devices You Need For Your New Computer

Desktop computers involve a bit of work to set up as there will be several peripherals to connect. Our technician will setup a default printer and configure other hardware, including your modem, router, keyboard, and mouse.


The technician will also check the drivers for the different peripherals and update those that need updating. Our technicians will happily make hardware and software suggestions for you. We try to be as helpful as we can.


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Why Use Dave’s Computers’ New Computer Setup Service?

The truth is setting up a new computer isn’t particulalry hard. It just requires you to be meticulous and follow all the necessary steps in their order. And that’s where many run into problems. Missing one important step, after executing all the others well could still compromise the performance of your new computer.


Again, while most people can learn how to set up a new computer, not many have the patience for it. At Dave’s Computers, this is our job. We do this everyday and

will do it much more efficiently. We have developed and perfected a process and checklist to make the new computer setup task as quick as it can be.

Friendly, Professional, And Fully Insured Technicians

While we have absolute trust in the integrity and abilities of the technicians we send to your homes and offices to help set up your new computers, we appreciate that to you they are still strangers. So we have made it easy for you to identify them. We insist they wear Dave’s Computers’ branded clothing and that they can produce valid ID documents if asked to do so.


We want you to feel safe knowing that these technicians are professionals who have been doing this work for years. We check their backgrounds and qualifications to satisfy ourselves of both their expertise and suitability for this type of work. Though they are highly experienced experts, all our technicians are fully insured for any mishap that may happen during the course of their duties.

One Flat-Fee For All New Computer Setup Jobs

Setting up a new Windows 10 PC will involve different steps than setting a up new Mac or Windows desktop. But we have not found it necessary to have different charges for the different setup jobs. Our clients pay one flat-fee regardless of the type of computer involved.

Let’s Get Your New Computer Set Up

We continue to update our new computer setup checklist to adapt it to new advances in both hardware and software. Our process ensures no important step is missed and is optimized to give you full computing experience. 


We are motivated to make sure you’re satisified with our new computer setup service and will do everything it takes to ensure it adequately reponds to your needs. We welcome your feedback as we believe this will be a start to a long and beneficial relationship for both of us.


Wherever you are in New Jersey, we have a technician waiting to come and help you set up your new computer. Ready to have your new computer set up by an expert?


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