Computer Repair in Piscataway NJ

Computer Repair in Piscataway NJ

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Computer Repair in Piscataway New Jersey

Because of Rutgers University, Piscataway, New Jersey is home to advanced research that depends on the power of technology. With thousands of students flocking to and from campus every day, the SOS called to repair a computer issue is a common occurrence. Who do the students, faculty, and administrators at Rutgers University lean on when they need computer repair service?

The answer is Dave’s Computers

Highly-Rated Computer Repair Services in Piscataway, NJ

Whether you have an issue with a tablet that you use at home or a powerful personal computer that keeps you productive at work, the experts at Dave’s Computer are ready to address any technical issues that you might have. Experience and knowledge matters for offering the best computer repair service, and the team of repair experts at Dave’s Computer have both professional attributes.

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Technical Support Services

Computer technology is the heartbeat of most businesses. Even a seemingly minor problem can morph into an issue that disrupts the operation of a company in Piscataway, New Jersey. When you have computer issues, you want to contact a certified computer technician to get your business back online.

Whether it involves installing new accounting software for a business or helping a student master changing out a hard drive, Dave’s Computer provides a comprehensive list of technical support services for our customers.

Removing Viruses

With the precision of a surgeon, one of our certified computer technicians can help you remove a computer virus without compromising the operation of your IT system. We can help you by working with you in person or by giving you helpful tips online. Better yet, we explain to our customers how they can prevent viruses and malware from damaging their IT infrastructure.

Repairing Hardware

Computers have a limited lifespan, but we know how to extend the life of a computer without sacrificing speed and accuracy in the operating system. From physical damage to a computer screen to a laptop that refuses to turn on, Dave’s Computers has earned the reputation for solving hardware issues.

Here are some other ways that we repair Macs and personal computers:

  • Increase computing speed
  • Fix update issues
  • Improve the speed of network connectivity
  • Solve speaker problems
  • Replace faulty hard drives
  • Charge laptop batteries
  • Restore the function of a camera
  • Install new monitor screens
  • Repair water damage

Recovering and Backing Up Data

You worked hard to collect, store, and manipulate data. A sudden system crash has left you with that sinking feeling. Although you feel the data is lost forever in cyberspace, the fact is a certified computer technician from Dave’s Computers can recover a wide variety of accidentally and purposely deleted files.

Here is where we recover deleted files:

  • RAID systems
  • Hard disks
  • Hard drives
  • Flash drives
  • Thumb drives

You cannot afford to pinch pennies when it comes to retrieving your valuable data. Nothing but the most experienced and accomplished certified computer technician can help you recover valuable data. The key is to ask for help immediately after a glitch or an invasive act committed by a hacker. Dave’s Computers acts with a sense of urgency to get you back to normal.


Every few months, you take your car into the shop for some maintenance work. Auto maintenance prevents costly breakdowns that also leave you without transportation. Apply the same principle to your computer, whether you use a laptop or a large PC.

We schedule regular maintenance appointments with our customers to prevent disruptions, as well as increase the lifespan of their computing devices.

Service the Same Day You Contact Us

Waiting several days for a computer technician to fix an issue like data loss can stress out the most composed individual. Dave’s Computers commits to responding to customer calls on the same day that we receive them. You can bring your computer into or shop or we work to fix your technology issues at home or where you work.

In many cases, we address your computer issue while you wait for a short period at our Piscataway, NJ computer repair business.

Why We Excel at Computer Repair in Piscataway, New Jersey


Some say it is a fading attribute in today’s business world. However, that is not true at Dave’s Computers. If we discover that repairing a computing device is not worth the money, we let you know so you can move on and buy another device.

Here are a few other reasons why we attract a rapidly growing number of lifetime customers:

  • Guaranteed satisfaction
  • No technical jargon
  • Hands-on assistance
  • Quick response times
  • Easy to implement solutions for your technology issues
  • Access to all settings

Learn more about why Dave’s Computers ranks as the leading computer repair and maintenance company in Middlesex County, NJ. Contact us by submitting the short online form or by calling our office at 908-829-0257.

Looking for IT Support? We can help!      In New Jersey for small businesses. Whether it’s a solo based business or has up to 200 users, Dave’s provides a much more personal approach to your IT needs.

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