MacBook Air keyboard replacement

MacBook Air keyboard not working as it should? Some keys not responding? Do you have cracked or broken keys?

MacBook Air keyboard replacement from Dave’s Computers in New Jersey can help!

We can often diagnose and replace a MacBook Air keyboard the same day.

The average MacBook Air keyboard must cope with a lot during its lifetime. Whether you use it for work or play, the keyboard is your main interface and will be used constantly.

It’s a critical part of the laptop as you can’t do a whole lot without one.

Signs you need a new MacBook Air keyboard include:

  • Unresponsive keyboard or individual keys
  • Cracked or broken keys
  • Slow or delayed key action

These symptoms are almost always tied to the keyboard but can easily be remedied by MacBook Air keyboard replacement from Dave’s Computers.

We have replaced hundreds of laptop keyboards on Apple and other types of devices.

We have extensive experience replacing all kinds of laptop hardware and only use the highest quality components. All parts and labor will be fully guaranteed too!

Is it worth replacing the MacBook Air keyboard?

Yes, it is worth replacing a MacBook Air keyboard. You can’t do a whole lot with a laptop if the keyboard isn’t working properly!

If you use it for school or work, it’s even more inconvenient to have keys that don’t work.

A new laptop could cost $1,000 and not many of us have that kind of cash to throw around without good reason.

Compare that to $100-$150 to replace the keyboard and you’ll see it makes perfect sense!

Replacing the keyboard means not having to transfer data, set up a new laptop, sell or send your old one to landfill and all those other inconveniences of setting up a new device.

MacBook Air keyboard replacement in New Jersey

If your MacBook Air is still under warranty, we recommend having the keyboard replaced at an Apple Store. It should be free and covered under the warranty and come with its own warranty.

If your MacBook Air is no longer under warranty, Dave’s Computers is here to help.

We’re cheaper than the Apple Store, we use the same high quality, fully compatible Apple keyboards and offer full warranty on parts and labor.

Can you replace the MacBook Air keyboard yourself?

Yes, you can replace the MacBook Air keyboard yourself if you know your way around a laptop.

Keyboard replacement requires taking the case off the laptop, removing the battery, removing fixed connectors, removing the speakers, removing the audio board and Touch ID sensor and unscrewing components.

The actual keyword replacement takes less than a minute, but plan on spending up to an hour even getting to it!

There are 45 steps in the process just to change the keyboard. You then have another 45 to get your laptop working again.

If you’re comfortable around electronics and have the right tools, it’s possible.

It is faster and easier to let Dave’s Computers in New Jersey do it for you.

We have replaced hundreds of Apple keyboards and would be happy to replace yours too.

We use only approved direct replacement keyboards and perform all work within our well-equipped store.

Expert MacBook Air keyboard replacement in New Jersey

The team at Dave’s Computers is fully qualified to work on Apple products and has vast experience in repairing laptops, including replacing keyboards.

Why spend hours replacing your own keyboard when we can do it for you?

All parts and labor will be fully guaranteed and we are much cheaper than the Apple Store!

Contact Dave’s Computers in New Jersey for expert MacBook Air keyboard replacement.

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