Mac Hard Drive Replacement

Is your Mac running slow? May be a sign you need a mac hard drive replacement!

macbook pro hard drive replacement

Have you experienced the following recently?

-Macbook Pro is running slower than usual

-Is the beachball/cursor constantly spinning

-Are you hearing loud noises when launching or running applications on your computer which you didn’t hear before

-iMac freezes while in use

-Mac progress bar takes forever to move when booting up


Visit Dave’s Mac Repair Shop To Get Started:

– We will take apart your mac run it thru thorough diagnostics

-Verify that the hard drive is the culprit in your macbook, macbook pro, macbook air, mac mini, imac, mac pro is running slow or if its something else

-We will assist with backing up or providing mac data recovery if needed if you do not have a backup available


Common Questions Dave Get’s Asked About Mac Repair:

-How much does it cost to replace Mac hard drive?

It really depends based on the model mac you have and if you require data backup or recovery. Typically a quality SSD (Solid state drive) starts around $80 and usually installation of the drive and a fresh installation of mac operating system is $125-$149 based on the level of service you need.

How much does it cost to replace hard drive MacBook pro?

Like above if it’s a macbook pro depends on the model year. Each model year has a different model, some of sata drive, some have a apple designed drive, and the newer mac’s 2016 and newer are either soldered on or cannot be replaced. Best to come into our store for a free estimate so a mac technician can verify what options exist

Can you replace a MacBook hard drive?

Typically 2017 or older can be replaced. Really depends on the model, please call us so we can verify based on your mac serial number

Does Apple store replace hard drives?

From our experience Apple will only work on 3 year old or near macs and typically as long as its under warranty. We noticed at our local Bridgewater Apple Store that the genius bar is not offering all the same services. Even though we aren’t the apple store, we have all the parts needed to get the job done. The best part, we will not charge you “APPLE” rates.

How do I restore my MacBook Pro after installing a new hard drive?

If you have a time machine backup that is one option you have for restoring your mac. If you do not have that we advise visiting a store like us for assistance.