USB – Flash Drive Recovery in New Jersey

Lost data on a usb flash drive Cannot access data on flash media? Cannot open a file on your SD card? USB memory stick or pen drive not working? We can help!

Dave’s Computers in New Jersey has vast experience in recovering data from USB, SD and external drives. Whether it’s family photos, your dissertation, private company data or something else, we can help.

Symptoms of USB, SD and external drive data loss can include:

  • The USB, SD and external drive being acknowledged but not accessible.
  • Read or write error warnings.
  • Inaccessible files or folders.
  • Partially damaged or missing documents, images or videos.
  • Noises coming from external drives.

We are data recovery experts. We have been performing data recovery in New Jersey since we opened our store and have probably recovered hundreds of gigabytes of customer data. Some of that has been from USB, SD and external drives.

Dave’s Computers in New Jersey provides:

  • A free, no obligation quotation for data recovery on USB, SD and external drives.
  • High recovery rate from most removable storage types.
  • Fast, responsive recovery service.
  • Full guarantee on any parts or labor.
  • Secure, private data recovery.

For fast, effective data recovery for USB, SD cards and external drives in New Jersey contact Dave’s Computers at (908) 428-9558 or drop into our store

Read this if you have lost data from USB, SD card or an external drive!

No matter how you lost your data (even deleted files) in most cases the information is still stored on the devices and can be recovered. In fact, Dave’s Computers boasts a data recovery success rate of around 98% for all the various media devices.

If you think you have lost data, you need to do three things:

  1. Don’t panic.
  2. Don’t do anything on your device.
  3. Bring your drive to Dave’s Computers.

Don’t panic

Even if the data you think you have lost is of critical importance, don’t panic. Don’t do anything rash, don’t download programs from the internet that claim to help recover data and don’t do anything to compromise the data that is left. If you bring your drive to Dave’s Computers in New Jersey, we will be able to help.

Don’t use your device

Even if it looks like your data has gone forever, it probably isn’t. It will still be on the drive somewhere and as long as you don’t do anything further, we can probably retrieve it. Data is written to USB, SD and external drives whenever you use them which risks the data we want to recover being overwritten.

If you notice data is missing or inaccessible, remove the drive from your device and don’t be tempted to continue using it.

Bring the drive to Dave’s Computers

Once you have removed the USB, SD card or external drive from your device, bring it to our data recovery team in New Jersey. We will assess the condition, see how much data we can save and work our magic. The process can be time consuming but by using our experience and our expert tools, we can recover the vast majority of your data in the vast majority of situations.

We don’t guarantee data recovery but we have a superb success rate for your recovered files.

For fast, effective data recovery for USB, SD cards and external drives in New Jersey contact Dave’s Computers at (908) 428-9558 or drop into our store

Our removable drive data recovery services provide:

  • Support for all flash formats and devices.
  • Next generation data recovery and repair technologies.
  • Emergency flash media recovery services 24/7.
  • Secure and reliable data recovery.

Data loss from a flash media device can be devastating, which is why you need fast service from a qualified data recovery team. With a risk-free evaluation and a free price quote, Dave’s Computers provides the best option for flash media recovery and repair.

Common issue & causes  of data loss for flash devices include:

  • Accidental deletion or formatting.
  • Broken USB connector.
  • Virus attack or malware.
  • Physical damage to the media.
  • File corruption.
  • Missing or damaged files.
  • Wear from excessive use.
  • Smoke, fire or water damage
  • lost files with checkdisk

Removable storage, flash storage and USB sticks

We are generating more data than ever before. Camera phones, social media, websites, forums, school, work, college and almost everywhere demands some form of data and it all has to be stored somewhere. Portable media such as USB drives, SD cards and external drives are cheap, portable and very convenient. That makes them prime candidates for data storage and for data loss.

USB drive data recovery

USB drives, memory sticks, flash memory, data sticks, call them what you like, they are all the same thing. Flash memory protected by a hard case with a USB connector attached. They can plug into any USB port and can be read by that device as long as the file system is compatible.

USB drives are cheap, come in large sizes and work on all types of device with USB ports. They have been in common use for over 20 years and Dave’s Computers has been recovering data from USB drives for almost as long. That’s time enough to perfect our technique and to become very experienced!

USB drive data recovery uses tried and tested principles. We assess the drive for physical damage, clone it and work on the clone. We perform bit-level file analysis and recovery and copy all recovered data into a new USB drive. That way the original is left untouched and we know we are working on a fully operational USB drive.

Our success rate is extremely high thanks to our experience and many years of USB drive data recovery.

SD card data recovery

SD card are cheap and convenient and can often be found in phones, tablets, GoPros, cameras and other small devices. They are capable of storing most file types and will come in sizes from 1GB up to 64GB or even 128GB. That’s a lot of data!

SD cards will usually suffer one of two fates. Physical damage that can cause data loss or some logical damage. Physical damage is usually not repairable but data can often be saved before being transferred to a new memory cards.

Logical damage includes file corruption, accidental overwrites, data due to malware or something else. The SD card will often be accessible by the device but may be unreadable or partially inaccessible.

Recovering data from an SD card uses similar techniques to that of USB drives or external memory. We use special adapters to connect the card to our test bench, create a clone, work on the clone to keep the original safe and use our tools and techniques to recover your data.

External drive data recovery

External drive data recovery uses exactly the same techniques as our standard data recovery. Inside that attractive external drive case is either a hard drive (HDD) or Solid State Drive (SSD). It will be connected via SATA to the external drive chassis and then converted into USB depending on what drive you have.

Drives are agnostic. Meaning they arrive blank and you format them depending on what operating system they will be working with. For Windows, that will be NTFS or HPFS. For Mac that will be APFS. Windows and Mac use completely different systems but work in a similar way. They are not compatible with each other though.

Regardless of the file system, external drive data recovery uses our tried and true principles. Assess the drive for physical damage, clone it, recover the data and return it. It is a time consuming process but is very straightforward.

For fast, effective data recovery for USB, SD cards and external drives in New Jersey contact Dave’s Computers at (908) 428-9558 or drop into our store

Data Recovery for USB, SD and external drives

People are increasingly relying on USB, SD cards and external drives to store and share information. We don’t often think much about these because they are generally used to transfer data and are usually hidden inside our devices, but the information that is stored on these devices can be vital.

It could be pictures that you took for a wedding. It could be music files that you’re sharing with friends. It could be critical work related documents that you need for work. Whatever you use your flash drive, SD card, or other USB based device for, when you have a problem and you can’t open or find the files, it can be frustrating. No worries our recovery process involves using the best tools. Our USB data recovery software allows our technicians to recover missing files, no matter the type of data for various different file formats.

How Data Files Can be Lost

There are many ways that data can be lost. The device could be faulty, it could have an inherent problem in it. You could accidentally reformat the drive (which erases the directory of files already on it). You could have a problem with the transfer from the computer or other device to the USB device.

Don’t throw that thumb drive out

Even if you don’t believe you have much data on a drive, anything that’s lost is time that you’re never going to get back. Time to create the documents, time to transfer them, and time to redo them.

Even if the device is damaged, you still have a chance to retrieve the information on there. Contact Dave’s Computers today to find out what can be done and how affordable it is for USB data recovery services.

A leader in flash data recovery services

Our data recovery services begin with a free evaluation and price quote. When you bring your device to us, our technicians will perform a comprehensive analysis of your flash device to determine the extent of the damage and provide you with a detailed report.

In most cases, our technicians can return your data within a few days when you choose our standard flash media recovery service option. If you need access to your data ASAP, we can return your data via secure FTP to help reduce downtime. If you need faster services, we offer 24/7 emergency services for data recovery and repair.

For fast, effective data recovery for USB, SD cards and external drives in New Jersey contact Dave’s Computers at (908) 428-9558 or drop into our store for flash drive recovery cases.