MacBook Air battery replacement

A laptop is nothing without its battery. The whole point of a laptop is the ability to take it anywhere and do anything without being tied to a desk or wall outlet.

If your MacBook Air battery isn’t lasting as long as it used to, your MacBook Air keeps turning itself off or the Battery app is telling you something’s wrong, you may need our MacBook Air battery replacement service.

Dave’s Computers in New Jersey provides high quality, low cost MacBook Air battery replacement.

We can often diagnose and replace the battery the same day!

Symptoms of a failing MacBook Air battery can include:

  • Battery life slowly reducing
  • Random restarts for no apparent reason
  • Battery service warning in macOS
  • MacBook Air won’t start like it should

All these symptoms could be signs your MacBook Air needs a new battery. There are other causes of course, that’s why you need to consult the experts.

Dave’s Computers in New Jersey provides a full MacBook Air battery replacement service.

Our expert team can diagnose, test and replace MacBook Air batteries. We use only high quality, fully compatible batteries and provide full guarantees for all parts and labor.

Is it worth replacing a MacBook Air battery?

In a word, yes. Yes, it is worth replacing a MacBook Air battery. The MacBook is a premium product that commands a premium price. It’s also built well and designed to last many, many years.

It costs perhaps 10% of the cost of a new MacBook Air to replace the battery. In return, you’ll get potentially many more years of faithful service from your laptop.

It also means one less laptop going to landfill, which is an added bonus!

How much does MacBook Air battery replacement cost?

Contact our store and tell us the make and model of your MacBook Air and we can provide you with an accurate price.

If your MacBook Air is still under warranty, you should get a free replacement direct from Apple.

If your MacBook Air is out of warranty and you don’t have AppleCare+, you’re looking at a minimum of $135 for a new MacBook Air battery at an Apple Store.

Dave’s Computers is cheaper.

We still use quality replacement batteries that are fully compatible with the MacBook Air, we just don’t charge so much for the service.

Can you replace a MacBook Air battery yourself?

If you’re confident around electronics, it is possible to change a MacBook Air battery yourself.

If you’re not confident around electronics, we recommend letting an expert take care of it for you. All MacBook Air battery replacements from Dave’s Computers in New Jersey are fully guaranteed and you’re in safe hands!

You can buy replacement MacBook Air batteries online. That’s the easy bit.

The hard bit is replacing it. The process requires removing the back of the laptop, moving some electronics out of the way, carefully disconnecting the battery, removing the battery and replacing it with the new one.

Then you’ll need to reverse the process to make sure everything is back where it should be.

While it’s possible to replace your own MacBook Air battery, when you have experts like Dave around, why would you need to?

Expert MacBook Air battery replacement in New Jersey

Dave’s Computers in New Jersey has been repairing computers of all kinds for well over a decade. Our team has the training, expertise and experience to diagnose, repair or replace Apple computers.

All work will be carried out in our well-equipped computer store by our expert team. All parts and labor come with a full guarantee so you’re in safe hands!

If your MacBook Air battery isn’t working as well as it should, contact Dave’s Computers in New Jersey and we’ll take care of it!

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