Laptop Screen Repair in New Jersey

Can a Laptop Screen Be Replaced?

The screen is a vital part of any laptop and unfortunately most of them can be damaged relatively easily. Fortunately the screen can be replaced by experts that know how to replace laptop screens. Dave’s Computers is one of those experts, and can provide a wide range of services including dell laptop screen replacement, hd laptop screen replacement, and toshiba laptop screen replacement.


In fact, the services aren’t only limited to those brands either. Dave’s Computer can also provide screen replacement for Dell, Asus, and many other brands. While some might try to replace their laptop screen themselves while watching a “how to replace hp laptop screen” Youtube video, this can be risky and has the potential to damage your laptop further. Having your laptop screen replacement done by a professional is an excellent way to ensure it’s done right and that there should be no issues with the installation.

How Much Does it Cost to Replace a Laptop Screen

A laptop replacement screen cost can range depending on the brand and size of the screen, but it can usually be in between $150-$300. You will want to bring your laptop to your local computer repair shop to get a more accurate number and timeline. If you plan on repairing the screen yourself, one of the more difficult issues you will face is finding a reliable replacement screen online.

Finding a replacement screen can prove difficult, especially if you own an older laptop that is no longer manufactured. Luckily many computer specialists know where to find these types of laptop screen replacements and can help you out by locating one for you.

At Dave’s Computers we understand that getting your laptop back as soon as possible is a priority. Unlike other computer repair shops in New Jersey, we offer a one day turnaround on all of our work. Not only can we perform the work quickly and efficiently, but you will also be getting one of the best deals around.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you replace a laptop screen?

Dave’s Computers specializes in laptop screen replacement for a wide range of brands and laptops. We pride ourselves in the quick and efficient work we can provide while making sure our customers leave completely satisfied. You can expect to have your laptop screen replaced within as little as a one day turnaround. So come visit us today to see how we can help you.

What laptop brands can you work on?

Dave’s Computers provides services for a wide variety of laptop brands including:


  • Dell laptop screen replacement
  • HP laptop screen replacement
  • Lenovo laptop screen replacement
  • Acer laptop screen replacement
  • ASUS laptop screen replacement
  • Toshiba laptop screen replacement
  • Toshiba Satellite laptop screen replacement
  • And much, much more!


These are just a few of the services we offer, so feel free to visit our local shop or give us a call to see what we can do for you!