IT Support in New Jersey

IT Support in New Jersey

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IT Support Near Me In New Jersey

Technology is an absolute necessity for businesses of all sizes. Every credit card swipe, every customer call, and every online bid is powered by your IT systems. More and more, companies are outsourcing IT department operations. It’s a cost-effective, reliable way to get on-demand IT services.


In addition to offering software installation, setup, security, repairs, and maintenance for computers, tablets, and business phones, our no-hassle business IT support provides:

IT consulting and IT strategy

Information security

IT management

IT project services

Web and mobile solutions

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Full Service IT


Saving You Money


Years Of Service

Managed IT Services

Sales, marketing, customer service, internal communication and nearly every other function of most businesses happens on computers, office networks and the internet. A crash means you’re losing money and opportunities for your business.

Specializing in IT support in New Jersey since 2011, Dave’s Computers understands the IT needs of businesses of all sizes. From full-service managed NJ IT services to one-time IT consulting and troubleshooting, we can handle any tech problem your company has.

IT Support & Troubleshooting Near Me

You are a busy professional, so taking a deep dive into the world of IT support isn’t necessary or a good use of your time. However, it is helpful to have a basic understanding of IT support before hiring a New Jersey IT support provider.

How To Choose
The Right New Jersey IT Company

Because technology is so important to your business, choosing the right IT support company in New Jersey is essential. In the Garden State, businesses have plenty of IT support service providers to choose from.

How do you choose the right IT company in NJ?

What Is IT Support?

Broadly, IT support refers to any service provided to someone who uses a technology-related product or service.

In a business, IT support takes care of your:

  • Work computers
  • Business networks (both in-house and cloud-based)
  • Company internet
  • Data management and data recovery
  • Company computers and virus removal/cybersecurity
  • BYOD program device support

And more! The best thing about outsourced IT is that you get access to a team of professionals, rather than a single IT staff member. This expands what you can do and how fast you can do it.

Small Business IT Support?

That’s what IT support for small business is. But why do you need it? Isn’t the office computer enthusiast skilled enough to provide all of your business IT support? The office tech geek may be able to solve an IT problem here and there, but fully managed IT services in NJ require around-the-clock monitoring, maintenance and guidance.

Here are a few signs that your business needs IT support:

  • You find yourself waiting for orders to process
  • Your computers are running slowly
  • Staff members walk around the office while they wait for devices to get in gear
  • You struggle to connect everyone for remote meetings and client calls
  • You have no idea what would happen if your system crashed and your business lost key data

The list goes on. And the main idea? IT support benefits your business in dozens of ways.

10 Benefits Of Great IT Support For Your Business

Outsourced IT support for your New Jersey business may be in your future. Let’s sweeten the deal even further.

Having an in-house tech support employee costs your business a salary, benefits, onboarding expenses, insurance and more. The cost of IT support for a small business (in-house) can be prohibitive. Hiring a New Jersey IT support contractor costs you a flat fee.

It’s not that your business’s IT needs don’t matter. The issue is that IT problems are not the core of your business. You focus on what matters; we’ll focus on fixing computers, implementing cybersecurity measures and keeping your IT systems running.

When technology runs right, you don’t have to wait for it. It doesn’t “go down” at random times. That means your business is more efficient. An outsourced IT department or team can make that happen.

Efficiency extends to the customer-facing side of your business, too. If your systems are down, your customers and clients have to wait. Hiring an IT support professional, or getting 24/7 IT support, can prevent that.

Sadly, plenty of hackers, scammers and spammers would love to get their fingers into your business’ computer and intranet systems. Great IT support providers know how to keep them out and keep your data — and business — safe.

It’s not that your business’s IT needs don’t matter. The issue is that IT problems are not the core of your business. You focus on what matters; we’ll focus on fixing computers, implementing cybersecurity measures and keeping your IT systems running.

Good IT support providers provide service when and where you need it. You may find 24/7 IT support desk help or at least a very rapid turnaround time with an outsourced IT team.

If your business experiences explosive growth, how will you scale your in-office technology to handle it? Device lifecycle management is just one tech issue you’ll face. You can try to go it alone, or you can ask your IT support person for help.

Unless you read the technology news headlines and blogs, you probably won’t know when security, system or network changes happen. An IT support professional will, and they can tell you what you need to know.

This is the big one. Technology reduces stress when it works. When it doesn’t, it compounds stress ten-fold at least. Let Dave’s Computers keep your tech working right.

Small Business Have Big IT Support Needs

The IT support industry deals with a lot of big ideas. But that doesn’t mean IT support is only for big businesses.

Small business IT support in NJ is the answer you’ve been looking for.

Because you employ fewer people, you probably don’t have room for an IT support department or even a single IT guy. The good news? You don’t need to do it in-house. Hiring an IT company for business tech support is the way to go.

Outsourced IT Department In NJ

Outsourcing your New Jersey small business IT support needs may be exactly the answer you’re looking for. At Dave’s Computers, we provide custom support packages that can accommodate businesses of any size — large or small.

On-Site Vs. Managed IT Support For Your Business

Many New Jersey businesses wrestle with whether to hire an in-house IT support provider or go with remote or managed IT services. But in the age of remote work and lighting-fast internet, there is no need to worry over this question.

While Dave’s Computers does provide in-house IT support in NJ, we can and do fully manage IT services over secure networks, phones and email.


If it’s IT, Dave can handle it. The following are some of our most popular NJ IT support services:

IT Consulting

Need IT help for a one-time project? Have questions about your business’ technological systems? Our NJ IT consulting services can provide the perfect solution.

Cloud Migration

With cloud migration, your business’s digital assets and resources can be moved from one system to another via the cloud. Dave’s Computers can handle cloud migration from start to finish for your business.

Emergency IT Support

IT emergencies call for emergency IT support. When things go wrong with your business’s technology, call Dave for help.

Data Recovery And Backup

Losing data that is important to your business can make it feel like your whole world is crumbling. But an experienced New Jersey IT support expert may be able to get that lost data back. And when we do, we can set up a system to prevent data loss in the future, too.

Server Management

We can see server problems coming from a mile away, and we know how to prevent and fix them. If you would prefer never to have to think about your business’ servers again, then server management and support may be the service for you.

Computer Repair

Most employees these days do the bulk of their work on computers. When those computers stop working right, you need a fast fix. The New Jersey computer repair specialists at Dave’s Computers have you covered.

Managed Services

Dave’s Computers has been a proud managed services provider (MSP) for countless New Jersey businesses. Contract with us to have your IT support needs completely managed — no stress, no wasted time.

System Security

Done right, system security IT services keep your employees and customers in and everyone else out. The result? Stopping data theft, cyber attacks and other serious cybersecurity threats.

Virus Prevention And Removal

If spyware, malware or ransomware find their way into your business’ computers or system at large, you don’t have to throw everything out and start over. You can hire an IT support expert in NJ to get rid of viruses for you.

Internet Connectivity

If your business is having trouble getting connected to the internet or staying connected, you lose productivity and even the ability to process some card-based financial transactions. Having an IT support specialist is like having an on-call internet problem-solver for your business.

Help Desk IT Support

If you only need occasional IT support, Dave’s help desk IT support service may be perfect for your business. Simply call or email with any issue you have, and you get a prompt response that will solve the problem.

Remote IT Support

Get instant IT support in NJ or anywhere with remote IT support from Dave’s Computers. With screen sharing and remote desktop control, an experienced remote IT support professional can help you get through any technical issue.

You Manage Your Business.
Daves Computers Will Manage Your Business IT.

As leading providers of high-quality IT support in New Jersey, the professionals at Dave’s Computers can offer your business not just IT support, but IT solutions.

And that’s really what you are looking for, isn’t it? We understand that. That’s why we offer years in business, decades of experience and a ton of specialized knowledge to create the perfect IT support package for your business.

Looking for IT Support? We can help!