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Computer Repair in New Brunswick New Jersey

Has your Windows laptop slowed down to a crawl? Have you suddenly lost all your data? Perhaps you accidentally dropped your laptop and the screen is now ruined? Dave’s Computers is here to help. We have been providing the New Brunswick area with quick, professional, and affordable computer repair services for many years, so if you are having issues with your computer, let us help. Talk with an expert today and call (908) 829-0257.

Expert Laptop Repair for Rutgers University students

College students heavily depend on their laptops to complete homework, write papers, or any other course requirements. If your laptop is not working, Dave’s Computers can help! We have a team of highly experienced computer repair technicians who can help as soon as we receive your SOS for emergency repair. Need a free estimate before service? Give us a call, and we will give you a full estimate so that you know exactly what any repair or replacement work will cost.

Data Recovery & File Recovery

We take pride in being the most experienced team of IT professionals around. At Dave’s Computers, our highly skilled technicians can recover your personal and business information from all kinds of storage devices. Regardless of the storage capacity, or the size of the device, you can depend on us to recover lost files and take care of your storage needs quickly and efficiently. The trick is to seek help early. We can recover deleted files from the following devices:

  1. Flash Drives & Thumb Drives
  2. External Hard Drives
  3. Hard Drives & Hard Disks
  4. RAID Systems

We know your files are confidential, and we take privacy seriously. At Dave’s Computers, when we recover data, we use the minimum number of technicians possible. Furthermore, we follow numerous steps to ensure that everything on your hard disk remains private and secure.

Mac Repair & PC Repair

There are endless reasons our computers fail. Luckily, our technicians can handle any type of problem you are having with your Mac or PC. Some of the most common computer issues we fix daily, include:

  1. A computer running slow or freezing
  2. A Mac computer that won’t update
  3. A PC with a black screen or blue screen
  4. A laptop that won’t turn on
  5. Network Connectivity Issues
  6. A laptop battery that dies fast
  7. Cameras that don’t work
  8. Computer speakers that don’t work properly
  9. Water damaged keyboards and computers
  10. Cracked and broken computer screens
  11. Virus and Malware
  12. Hard Drive Replacement, and more.

We advise that computers with physical damage are brought in for repairs. Trusting a professionally trained technician not only gets the repair completed faster, but you will also avoid making the problem worse. Thankfully, most software issues aren’t as hard to troubleshoot or to repair, and these situations can often be resolved over the phone. If it’s more convenient, you can bring your Mac or PC to our computer repair store in Hillsborough.

Same-Day Service

For all computer issues, we offer same-day and, at times, as-you-wait computer repair services for our clients in New Brunswick. Computers are essential for both business and personal reasons, which is why Dave’s Computers has expedited the process for computer repair. We have made sure our services are as convenient as possible, too. In addition to our in-store repair services, we will come to your office or home to complete the repair onsite. Most repairs are very quick, which is why we can complete the job while you wait (or while you proceed with your chores or tasks, if you wish).

Onsite Computer Repairs In New Brunswick NJ

We find that there are situations where it is easier and convenient if we just come to where you are. It takes more time for you to pack up and lug the computer to our office, especially for a desktop computer. There are numerous cables to disconnect and pack up. However, if we are sending the technician to your place, you leave everything as it is and just wait for the technician to show up.

Our onsite computer repair service is all about customer convenience. We made it a same-day service because, frankly, why should you have to go another day without your computer when it can be repaired the same day it breaks down?

Complete IT Services in New Brunswick NJ

For the small businesses of New Brunswick, Dave’s Computers is your all-in-one shop for all IT services. Our small business clients have the choice to request onsite tech support, where we place an IT support technician on your staff to work in your offices. All you pay is a small fixed monthly fee. If you prefer, we can provide the tech support remotely from our office for a fixed monthly fee.

Choose Dave’s Computers for Your Computer Repair Needs

At Dave’s Computers, we stand behind our work. If a repair we carry out doesn’t last as long as expected, we ask you to bring the computer back so we can make sure the repair is redone, at no extra charge. If you bring your computer in and we find that the damage will be too costly to repair, we will let you know. If you take our recommendation but stop the repair before we have done any work, you will not pay anything. The diagnostics are always on us. Dave’s Computers guarantees:

  1. Assistance From a Live Person and Lightning Fast Response Times
  2. Actionable Solutions for Your Business Problems
  3. Work That is On Time & On Budget
  4. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
  5. No Techno-Babble with Easy to Understand Information
  6. Access to all network and configuration settings

Recent Repairs Completed in New Brunswick, New Jersey

    • 1. Our team was called to a residence in New Brunswick to address a problem with a computer that crashed and wouldn’t reboot. We got the issue resolved rather quickly so the customer could get back online and get back to work.
    • 2. An insurance agency was having a network problem, and it was affecting their ability to start new policies and bill clients. We sent out a technician who did some troubleshooting and discovered the problem. The issue was resolved rather quickly and affordably. They were able to get back to work serving customers.

Our customers have a lot of positive things to say about our computer repair services. Here are some reviews from previous clients:

“My laptop LED screen was flashing off and on. It was stressful, and I couldn’t figure out what was wrong. I needed help right away, so I made the call to Dave’s Computers. They sent out a technician, who performed thorough diagnostics and then replaced the LED screen and updated all my software. My laptop is running the best it has operated in years.”

“I run a small marketing firm. I depend on my computers and network to keep my business going. The technician at Dave’s was very knowledgeable and addressed the issue right away, getting my business back up and running.”

We are happy when our clients give positive feedback. But more than anything, it reaffirms the responsibility we now have and challenges us to maintain the standards clients have come to expect from us as well as those we have set for ourselves. We’re keen to provide the same high-quality computer repair services that folks like you have enjoyed and reviewed so favorably. Let us ease your worries with fast and efficient same-day computer repairs right in your home or office.

We Serve All of Middlesex County New Jersey

Don’t let your computer troubles frustrate you any longer. Bring your device to Dave’s Computers, where we can perform all computer repair, laptop repair, and data recovery jobs. It doesn’t matter if you have a Mac or PC – our trained technicians have been fully trained and have the expertise to take care of you. We are happy to help all Middlesex County residents, including those who reside in the New Brunswick area, so give us a call at (908) 829-0257. Or, stop by our store which is conveniently located in Hillsborough!

Looking for IT Support? We can help!      In New Jersey for small businesses. Whether it’s a solo based business or has up to 200 users, Dave’s provides a much more personal approach to your IT needs.

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