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Virus Removal & Cleanup

Virus Removal & Malware Removal Services
Viruses often get passed firewalls and virus protection suites. No worries when you visit Dave’s, Our security experts will thoroughly scan your machine using industry leading tools to remove all traces of viruses and malware.
Detect and remove viruses & malware
At Dave’s Computers we will locate all viruses, Trojans, spyware and other malware and get your Mac & PC up and running again and running to keep your data safe from hackers and scammers.
Dave’s Will Keep Your PC & Mac up to date
After we perform our thorough cleaning of viruses and malware we will make sure to install better protection and at the same time apply all security updates your windows or mac os operating system requires.

Frequently Asked Questions

Typically virus removal can take anywhere from 24-48hrs to complete. Before we do any repair we complete a full diagnostic on your computer to make sure its in good health.

Virus removal costs about $149 to complete a thorough cleaning. Our process is known to be more comprehensive than other services. We find more malware others miss and also recommend our Malware Protection once we are done to help keep new infections away.

We find more malware than the leading virus protection suite. We are able to by the special approach we take for scanning and removing. 

A diagnostic service is included to make sure your hardware is healthy. Once the viruses & malware is removed we also verify Windows updates are update to date and that your PC or Mac is running smoothly.

Yes we offer virus protection suite which is $40/year. We find most customers who have us install our protection end up with little to no new infections as long as their subscription is active.

Our initial diagnostics will determine the root causes and a approval of the work is always provided upfront prior to starting any repair work.

With iphones the most common virus is a browser hijack. A quick way to get rid of it is going into Safari, history, erase all history. Then close out of Safari completely and the page that triggered the browser hijack should be gone. If the browser is still taken over, another solution is to download a program like Avast/Malwarebytes onto the phone.

Factory resetting often will remove viruses, however at Dave’s Computers we prefer a nuke and pave method. Basically booting a computer via usb flash drive, erasing the hard drive completely and then installing the operating system. That way there is 0 chance virus didn’t embed it’s self inside a hidden folder.

Most common ways include installing virus protection software like Avast or Malwarebytes. However with removal best have a technician look at it, sometimes you can run a quick scan removes a few items but meanwhile in the background the virus is sleeping then can awaken and re-compromise your files again so best technician thoroughly looks over your computer.

Peace of Mind

We’re committed to your complete satisfaction with our service. That is why we back most of our repairs with a 30-day warranty.

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