Custom PC Build in New Jersey

Custom PC Build In New Jersey


Premium custom PC builds from custom gaming computers and CAD workstations to the ultimate custom workstation for business use

Our Custom Build Process:

Buy a Custom PC: Consultation & Design

Building your own custom PC might sound like a complex process. But we break it down into simple and easy steps to ensure you get exactly what you need. 

The PC building process begins with a quick meeting so we can get an idea of what you are looking for. We will ask questions like:

  • What software do you plan to use?
  • Do you plan on using it for gaming?
  • Do you want a multi-monitor setup?
  • What are you looking to get out of the custom build?
  • What is your budget?

These questions will give us a good idea of the kind of performance your PC should provide. 

You can also let us know if you have any specific requirements about how you want your PC to look or run. For example, maybe you want a custom watercooled PC? Or you want to include custom PC RGB lights inside the casing? 

There’s really no limit when it comes to creating your dream PC setup. From hardware specifications to overclocking processors to custom PC casing with tempered glass and more, we can handle it all. Just fill out the form at the bottom of the page or hit the contact us button to get in touch and we can get started on building as soon as you’re ready.

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Building Custom PCs

Once we know exactly what you want from your custom workstation, our technicians will get to work!

We’ll provide you a full quote for your new custom build including the cost of each component and our service fee. We’ll give you multiple options for brand and spec so you can balance your wants and needs against your budget.

Once you’ve confirmed the final spec of your custom build, we’ll order any parts we don’t have in stock and get started on the build. Due to our status as a computer service center, we have access to wholesale pricing on many components and can pass the cost savings along to you

When we say custom, we really mean it! Everything about your new PC can be adjusted to your liking including:

  • Case
  • CPU
  • Cooling system
  • Motherboard
  • RAM
  • HDD or SSD
  • Graphics card
  • Power supply

Setup and Testing

After our technicians have finished the physical build of your custom PC, we’ll install the operating system of your choice and any software you’ve requested. We can also transfer your data from your old PC or a backup if you wish.

Once your computer’s up and running, we’ll run several tests to make sure everything is running as it should. This includes stress-testing your PC by running resource-intensive games or software (depending on your needs) and making sure nothing crashes or overheats.

Once we’re confident the build is to our high-quality standards, we’ll let you know it’s ready to pick up!

Why Choose a Custom-Built PC?

Building a custom PC has a lot of advantages over purchasing a prebuilt computer. Not only does it allow you to tailor your computer to your specific needs, but you also avoid the unneeded bloatware that comes with a normal PC. 

Other advantages include:

  • Built to your specifications – Do you need a lot of hard drive space or the latest graphics card? You got it!
  • Parts are easily replaced – If a part fails or the computer begins to slow down, you don’t need to replace the entire computer. Instead, you can simply replace or upgrade pieces to get you back to speed.
  • Easy upgrades – Likewise, custom-built PCs are easier to upgrade than pre-built ones. Instead of replacing your whole computer every few years, you can simply upgrade individual components over time.
  • Know exactly what’s in your rig – A custom PC allows you to pick and choose the parts and brands you want in your computer. So you can be confident in the performance it will provide, and the quality of the hardware.
  • Better performance – While pre-built PCs are designed for “standard” users, they won’t be optimized to your needs if you want to play resource-intensive games or do a lot of video editing. With a custom PC, you can choose components specifically for your personal needs to ensure you have all the power, space, and speed you need.
  • Cost-effective – It’s true that a custom-built PC won’t necessarily be cheaper than a pre-built one. But if you’re after a high-powered machine, it’s often more affordable to invest in the best components and avoid the markup of high-end pre-built machines designed for gaming.
  • Assemble it yourself or have someone else do it – For those well-versed in computer hardware, building your own PC can be a fun activity. However, if you want to ensure it’s done right and not have to worry about causing possible damage, finding a reliable custom PC builder like Dave’s Computers in New Jersey can make the process quick and easy.

Why Choose Dave’s Computers for Custom PC Builds?

We’ve been helping local businesses and individuals in New Jersey with their IT and computer needs for over 15 years. 

Our ultimate goal is to provide fast, affordable, accessible, and high-quality computer build and repair services to our local community. 

When it comes to our custom PC building service, we wanted to provide an alternative to ordering expensive, high-end pre-built PCs from brands like Dell and HP. While off-the-shelf workstations suit many people, a custom-built solution is often more suitable and more cost-effective for gamers, people working in 3D animation or video editing, and other individuals who use their PCs for specific, CPU-intensive tasks.

Many companies offer the option to customize your PC specifications when you’re ordering online but we wanted to go one step further. By offering personalized, face-to-face advice and custom-designing a computer for your needs, we make sure you get exactly what you want and help you get the most out of your budget.

Custom-Built PCs for Gaming

So you want to build a custom gaming PC? Custom-built gaming PCs are one of our most common requests.

The latest games always need the latest high-end tech to look and run at their best. If you play online against others, even small tweaks to your gaming setup can give you a competitive advantage.

Gamers often want their custom PCs to look as good as they run. We can help you to choose an attractive case and add optional extras like LED lights to create an enviable setup for your gaming room.

Contact us to let us know your budget and we’ll talk you through some options for building a custom gaming PC.

Custom-Built Workstations for Video Editing, CAD, and Other Intensive Processing

Whether you need a custom animation workstation for your day job or a custom video editing workstation for your YouTube side gig, you’ll need more disk space and power than a typical off-the-shelf PC can provide.

We can custom-build a PC for your specific requirements including the latest high-performance processors and graphics cards (including multiple GPUs if needed), RAM, fast storage, efficient cooling systems, and plenty of options for further upgrades and customizations.

Get in touch for a consultation with one of our custom workstation PC builders.

Troubleshooting A Broken Custom PC

Custom PCs can save owners hundreds of dollars when it comes to troubleshooting and replacing parts. Because you know exactly what’s in the PC, it’s much easier to figure out what’s broken and replace the malfunctioning component.

With a prebuilt computer, parts can oftentimes be proprietary or extremely difficult to buy and fit as a consumer. This usually means either paying expensive fees for an authorized service center to fix it for you, or sometimes you may even need to replace the entire unit for a new model.

When you purchase a custom PC from a reliable provider like Dave’s Computers, you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing that if you have any problems, they’ll be sorted quickly and at an affordable price.

We thoroughly test all custom PCs we build to make sure everything is running smoothly before we hand over your new workstation. We also include a limited warranty with all our custom PCs, so we’ll cover any repairs or replacements needed due to faulty parts (the time limit for this depends on each component.) If you have any problems in the future, we’ll know exactly what went into building your PC so we can get it running like new again in no time at all. Just stop by our store in Hillsborough or contact us to schedule in-home or in-office repair.


What is a custom-built PC, and why should I consider one for my needs?
A custom-built PC is a computer assembled and configured according to our customer’s specific needs and preferences. It allows for more customization and control compared to pre-built PCs. This allows users to choose components that best suit their requirements and budget. Don’t know which part is best for you? We have you covered at Dave’s Computer; our highly trained staff will provide technical advice on the best component that your need.
How does the custom-built PC building process work, and what options do I have for components?
Our custom-built PC building process involves choosing components, such as the CPU, graphics card, cooling solution, storage, and power supply, and then coupling them to build a complete system. The options available for components depend on the user’s budget and expected performance.
Are custom-built PCs better than a pre-built one?
The custom-built PC beats the pre-built PC in terms of performance, cost-effective pricing, greater customization, and better upgradeability. Custom-built PCs are designed to meet users’ specific needs and are notoriously effective in terms of performance.
Can you help me choose the best components for my custom PC build?
Definitely, our highly trained staff can guide you through the components selection process. They are trained to help you make informed decisions based on your budget, performance requirements, financing options, and future upgrade plans.
Are custom-built PCs cheaper?
A custom-built PC might seem a bit more expensive than the pre-built ones, since you’ll be getting every component individually. But they offer a higher return on investment, they last longer, and are faster and more reliable.
Can you accommodate special requests or customizations for my build?
Yes. We can accommodate special requests or customizations for your custom PC build, such as custom cable management, specialized cooling solutions, or unique aesthetic touches. Contact us now to bring your dream PC to life.
Is your custom built PC building process easy and user-friendly for someone with limited technical knowledge?
Dave’s computer custom PC build team are trained to put efficiency and user experience first while working. This makes it easy for someone with limited technical knowledge to access and assemble the build. Our experts can also assist with that if you still find it difficult to assemble.
What is the warranty and return policy for custom PC builds?
Dave’s Computer warranty and return policy for custom PC build vary based on the type of component and the specific build. Generally, we offer a limited warranty on all custom-built PC and will work with the customer to resolve any issues.
We offer on-site support and repair services for custom-built PCs. Our services also include maintenance, troubleshooting and repairs of any necessary parts.
What sets your brand apart from other custom PC builders?
We stand out from other PC builders by offering higher expertise, better customer service, and attention to detail. We focus on providing custom PC builds tailored to our customer’s needs and expectations.
How do you ensure the quality and stability of the components used in custom PC builds?
At Dave’s Computers, we only use high-quality components from trusted suppliers for all our custom PC builds. All parts are tested and certified to confirm their stability and reliability. Our experts also monitor industry trends to ensure that we are up to date and use only the latest and most efficient components in our builds.
Can I upgrade or make changes to my custom PC in the future?
Yes. One of the perks of using a custom PC is its ability to be upgraded easily. Our expert will work with you to decide and implement the update you want, and you can have it done within a day or two.
Can you assist with data recovery, transfer and software installations for my custom PC build?
Yes. We provide data recovery, transfer, and software installation assistance for your custom PC build. Our experts can help you recover, and transfer your data and software to your new custom PC, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free transition.

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