HP Laptop Repair in New Jersey

Dave’s Computers specializes in HP laptop repair. Our technicians have years of combined experience and can handle any issue with your HP Laptop.

All computers that come into Dave’s Computers go through a diagnostic process. We analyze your computer to diagnose the problem and then contact you with the details and estimate the cost to repair your computer. The majority of computer repairs will be done within a one to three-day turnaround time. If you need it faster, no problem, we can also provide a rush service to get your computer back to you fast.

  • HP Laptop Screen Repair
  • HP Laptop Hard Drive Replacement
  • HP Laptop Battery Replacement
  • HP Laptop Keyboard Repair
  • HP Laptop Motherboard Repair
  • HP Laptop Liquid Damage Repair
  • HP Laptop Data Recovery
  • HP Laptop Diagnostic


Recently Asked HP Laptop Questions We Can Solve

  • Why is my HP Laptop stuck on “Preparing Automatic Repair” during startup?
  • Why is my HP Laptop not connecting to the Wi-Fi?
  • HP Laptop beeping and black screen when turning on?
  • How to reinstall the touch screen driver? My touch screen stopped working.
  • Why does my HP Laptop only work while the charger is plugged in?
  • Why my Laptop is getting hot and overheating?
  • Why does the HP Laptop power go off immediately after turning it on?
  • How do I fix my HP Laptop? Startup Repair cannot repair this computer automatically?
  • How can I unlock my computer when I forget the password?
  • Why won’t my HP Laptop turn on?
  • Why have I had multiple hard drive failures in my HP Laptop?
  • Why won’t my USB ports work?
  • How can I speed up my computer?


Fast HP Repair Turnaround

While we have a vast stock on hand, we cannot stock every type of computer repair part in-house. Most of the computer parts we order will arrive the next day or within three days at the most.

Once the part arrives at our store from our supplier, we will call you or email you. If you did not leave your computer with us already, you can come in and get it fixed the same day.

 Once the part comes into our store from our supplier, we will call you. If you did not leave your computer with us, you could drop it off, and we will repair it the same day.


Why Choose Us?

  • Fast Turn Around
  • 90 Day Warranty on most repairs
  • Expedited Services Available Upon Request