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What You Need to Know to Replace Your Macbook Hard Drive

It’s pretty much an accepted fact that eventually your Macbook will slow down and you will have to buy a new one. While it’s true that technology can wear out and eventually break down, purchasing a new one isn’t always the best choice, especially if you want to save some money. If you have an […]

How to Reset Your Apple Airpods

Are your airpods not working or connecting properly? Try resetting them with these easy steps. With the rise in popularity of the Apple Airpods, there were bound to be issues that came along with them. Whether it’s connection issues or sound not transmitting properly, most of these problems can be resolved by a quick and […]

How to Fix and Improve Your Wi-Fi Connection

  If you have a spotty Wi-Fi connection then try some of these tips to help improve your network and make it more reliable. Within the last decade, Wi-Fi networks have become integral to daily life. Whether you are connecting your laptop to access the internet, using the Wi-Fi network so you don’t use up […]

How to Use Right-Click on a Mac

How to enable the right-click function on your Mac and Macbook As a PC user it’s pretty normal to use the right-click functionality on your mouse. It offers a lot of flexibility and access to vital menus. So when swapping over to Mac for the first time, it can be rather difficult getting used to […]

How to Setup Macbook Pro

How to Easily Setup a Brand New Macbook Pro Learn to set up your new Macbook properly in a few short steps. So you have a new Macbook that you need to set up. Whether this is a replacement of an older model or your first Macbook, this article will explain exactly what you need […]