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Whether you primarily use your laptop for shopping, playing games, or keeping your business running smoothly, it’s important that it works well when you need it the most. When problems arise on your laptop, turn to the computer service technicians at Dave’s Computers, Inc., leaders in New Jersey laptop repair.

Unlike other technicians who are quick to report that you need to replace your laptop, the expert staff at Dave’s Computers will perform intricate diagnostics on your device. They will determine which system components are truly causing the issues you’re experiencing and fix them. This allows you to save money while ensuring your laptop works well.

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How Our Laptop Repair Service Pros
Will Fix Your Device

At Dave’s Computers, we pay attention to detail. Every brand and model, from Dell to Macs, has its intricacies. There are plenty of people out there who can offer to “fix” your laptop, but without the appropriate knowledge of the device and attention to detail, you can end up having to pay more the repair services. A simple search for ‘laptop repair near me’ on Google doesn’t always get you the right specialists for your needs.. When you bring your computer to us, you can rest assured it will be fixed right the first time. Regardless of whether it needs keyboard, screen repairs, or internet fixes, we have the experience and knowledge to get it done.

Laptop Repair and Functionality Testing

Our Technicians Make Sure Your Laptop Will Work

Imagine taking your Mac into a repair shop to have a particular issue fixed. Then you take it home only to find that your speakers no longer work. Frustrating, right? Chances are that the person who performed your repair failed to reconnect your components properly after taking elements apart. Now, in addition to paying for an initial laptop repair in NJ, you’d have to take the machine back in and wait while a secondary correction is made.

At Dave’s Computers, we thoroughly test each component of the laptop after a repair is complete, ensuring that all problems are truly resolved and that your laptop is in tip-top shape. Performing tests on the hardware of the laptop, including the hard drive, memory, and motherboard, gives us a chance to identify potential problems quickly while avoiding unnecessary and expensive repair procedures.

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Why Is Dave's The Best Laptop Repairing Services

Oftentimes, people rely on their laptops for school, work, and personal pleasure.  When something goes wrong, it can be overwhelming to try to troubleshoot to resolve the issue. At Dave’s Computers, we have the necessary skills to diagnose and repair anything that may affect the performance of your Mac or Windows-based laptop. Software issues, hardware malfunctions, or physical damage like a cracked screen or damaged keyboard can be easily handled by our experience team of technicians.

We strive to be your one-stop-shop for laptop repairs near me. While some technicians might simply say your motherboard is faulty and you need to replace it, our team can discover which specific components are affected and replace only the elements that are malfunctioning. The extensive experience and skill of our team gives us an edge and makes us the foremost service that offers comprehensive laptop repairs In NJ.

Here is an overview of the common laptop repairs in New Jersey:

  • Overheating
  • Random rebooting or shutdowns
  • Worn-out hard drives
  • Wear-and-tear or damage to cases, hinges, and keyboards
  • Cracked or broken LCD laptop screens

Contact us today to see how Dave’s Computers can help you with your laptop repair needs. We understand that your devices are important to you, so we strive to make the repair process fast and efficient while providing high-quality customer support and service along the way.

Aren’t sure what is wrong with your computer? Our laptop repair shop in New Jersey can help you diagnose the problem quickly and easily – contact us today. If you’ve been asking yourself, where should I go to fix my laptop you now have your answer.

We Offer Many Additional Services For Fixing Your Laptops

You Might Need Laptop Repair Services

  • You feel like your memory needs an upgrade
  • You suspect that malware has infected your laptop. (this often happens when you are redirected to websites which you are not interested in). You will also notice that there are a lot of pop up ads when you are browsing.
  • You have a damaged screen. your laptop screen may appear blank or black, not showing a text or image.
  • You ruined your keyboard by spilling coffee, water or your favorite drink. you need a new keyboard.
  • You are fond of using all of your usb ports but realize that one or more ceased working.
  • A piece of wood or plastic made its way to your headphone jack, and now you need to replace it.

Laptop Troubleshooting Advice

Nobody likes pop-up ads. You need to know that your laptop has been infected by a virus the minute you see excess pop up ads, and redirection to weird websites when you are online. The viruses also block anti-virus websites and cause minor damages to some of your files. This is what you need to do if you suspect that a virus has attacked your computer.

  • Start by booting the computer into safe mode.
  • Download a legitimate anti-virus software on a second computer and copy it to your laptop. There are several authentic websites online that have anti-virus software.
  • Install and run the anti-virus on your computer to kill all the viruses.

Sometimes the anti-virus fails to see the virus. If this happens, open the registry editor, look for the programs loaded by the virus and eliminate each one of them. This process will have your computer work as it normally did. The virus occasionally infects some critical components in the computer. If this happens, the best way to deal with this occurrence is by formatting your hard drive or installing a new operating system.

Your computer may fail to boot up because one of its memory sticks has been spoiled. The process of elimination is one of the ideal ways of checking if your memory stick is no longer functioning. The laptop will be opened to determine which memory stick is faulty. We will then replace the spoiled RAM stick making your laptop boot as it should. Sometimes your computer memory works perfectly, but you lack the suitable memory to perform specific tasks. Video editing and playing 3D games are some of the things which may fail to start or run even with a perfect memory as they require a lot of memory. At Dave’s Computer Inc in New Jersey, we can upgrade your computer memory to enable you to do the things you like.

The random crashing of your computer and displaying of error messages indicate that the computer hard drive has a problem. We at NJ understand how and why this happens. We will check the status of your hard drive using a distinct system called S.M.A.R.T. We also use Check Disk to get rid of errors in case your hard drive causes crashes despite it not being at risk of failing. At New Jersey, we do re-install hard drive’s device drivers in case the hard drive fails to be recognized. We replace spoilt, the hard drive PCB, loose cables and the entire hard drive when we ascertain that your hard drive is physically damaged.

Batteries that run flat quickly can be stressing for you and your computer. At NJ, we use a remote support service that helps pinpoint the exact components that cause draining of your battery. We will schedule a time with you where we can discuss the services and features in your computer that are crucial and which should be done away with. This gives you a chance to extend your battery life without necessarily destroying vital elements in your laptop. We will guide you through the whole process of safely disabling some of the computer components. The process will help you in the future, in instances which may require you to enable the features again. Our remote support service is a plus because you do not need to leave the house if you encounter battery problems. We will help you in the comfort of your living room.

You may have one or two occasions where your laptop fails to connect to a Wi-Fi network. We can determine the precise reason why this happens. We do check the physical Wi-Fi adapter, examine whether the driver is corrupted, or if a software causes the problem. We will replace the faulty adapter with a new one if we discover that the adapter itself causes the issue. This will have your laptop easily connect to the internet.

This has probably happened to you or your friend before. You without knowing bent the headphone jack while changing sitting positions, or stood up while your headphones were still connected to the laptop. This results in the damage of the headphone jack. Sometimes the headphone jack stops working out of the blue, causing you distress. We take care of that at New Jersey. We carefully open your laptop and change the old card that supports the headphone jack. We unsolder, remove and solder a new card when dealing with laptops that have the jack wired to the motherboard.

You may notice that your computer casually stops. This happens when the laptop CPU cuts off. Sometimes error messages appear stating that the fan is broke. We can remove the fan from the laptop and tell what the glitch is. We sometimes lubricate the fan when necessary to make it function again. We replace the fan if it is beyond repair. At NJ, we fix every overheating problem and make your laptop operate smoothly still.

Laptops keyboard get damage all the time with liquid spills and careless handling. You may have a toddler in the house who seems fascinated by the keypads. As curious as they get, the toddler may attempt to remove one button, only for them to ruin your keyboard. We replace old and damaged keyboards with new ones for an excellent typing experience.

A laptop is not deemed complete without functioning USB ports. The ports can be used for attaching an external keyboard or mouse. The ports are also vital when you want to transfer files from flash drives and external hard drives. USB ports fail to work due to reasons like outdated drivers, software issues, or other problems caused by the USB port itself. We update obsolete drivers to ensure that your ports work again. We also remove the motherboard, remove the USB port and fix a new one.

A laptop that is not charging makes you clueless about what the problem is. At NJ, we can identify and repair power problems that your laptop may encounter. Faulty power buttons, broken DC jacks and, fried motherboards, spoilt RAMs and short circuits in computer components are some of the things that cause power problems. We disconnect and reconnect every vital element for your computer and diagnose the power problem. After this is done, we can change the defective parts and fix your laptop.

Dave’s Computers and Laptop Repair

You sometimes browse through the internet to look for tech pieces which may help you fix your computer. This may take you hours of searching and more hours trying to fix the problem while you can save time just by ringing the laptop to us. We are professional and do the repairs on time. Call us at (908) 829-0257 or fill out the contact form on our website to book an appointment with us. Our technicians know pc repair as they have amassed experience while dealing with different laptop issues over the years. All you need to do is tell us your problem and will take care of it. Contact us today or visit our shop in Hillsborough and let us help you repair your computer.    

Is It Expensive To Fix A Laptop?

The cost of fixing a laptop can vary greatly depending on several factors, including the brand and model of the laptop, the type of repair needed, and the location of the laptop repair shop. Some common laptop repairs, such as fixing a broken screen or replacing a battery, can be relatively inexpensive and can be performed by independent repair shops or online repair services. However, more complex repairs, such as fixing a motherboard issue or a hard drive failure, can be more expensive, as they may require specialized equipment and expertise. Additionally, repairs performed by the manufacturer or an authorized repair center may also be more expensive due to the higher quality of parts and services they offer. If you are looking for a laptop repair shop near you that you can trust then head on over to Dave’s Computers where we will diagnose your issue and help get your laptop back up and running.

Is it worth getting a laptop repaired?

Whether or not it is worth getting a laptop repaired depends on several factors, including the cost of the repair, the age and value of the laptop, and the type of repair needed. If the cost of the repair is significantly less than the cost of a new laptop, it may be worth repairing the device. However, if the laptop is older and its value is low, it may make more sense to replace it rather than investing in a repair. Our laptop repair shop in New Jersey will diagnose the issue with your computer and help you understand if it makes more sense to repair or replace the laptop.

Can I repair a laptop myself?

Whether or not you can repair a laptop yourself will depend on your technical skills and knowledge, as well as the type of repair needed. Some simple repairs could potentially be performed by individuals who have some technical experience. However, more complex repairs, such as fixing a motherboard issue or replacing a hard drive, will require specialized equipment and expertise. We highly recommend you don’t attempt to repair a laptop yourself as this could lead to further issues with your computer.

How many years should a laptop last?

The lifespan of a laptop can vary greatly depending on several factors, including the brand and model of the laptop, usage patterns, and the level of maintenance and care provided. On average, a laptop can last anywhere from 3 to 5 years with proper care and usage. Laptops that are used heavily on a daily basis, such as for work or gaming, may have a shorter lifespan compared to those used sparingly. Regular maintenance, such as cleaning the laptop and updating the software, can help extend its lifespan. Additionally, purchasing a laptop with high-quality components and a good warranty can also increase its lifespan. It is important to keep in mind that the lifespan of a laptop will depend on several factors, and that regular care and maintenance can help prolong its lifespan.

What are the most common problems that need to be repaired in laptops?

The most common problems that need to be repaired in laptops include broken or cracked screens, battery issues, keyboard problems, hard drive failures, and overheating. Broken screens are one of the most common laptop repair issues, and they can be caused by accidental drops or impacts. Battery issues, such as reduced battery life or complete battery failure, can be caused by aging batteries or improper usage. Keyboard problems, such as broken or stuck keys, can be caused by normal wear and tear or accidental spills. Hard drive failures, which result in data loss, can be caused by physical damage to the drive or software issues. Overheating, which can cause performance problems or even permanent damage to the laptop, can be caused by a clogged ventilation system or a failing fan. These are just a few examples of the most common laptop repair issues, and it is important to address these problems promptly in order to avoid further damage to the laptop.

How long does it take to get a laptop repaired?

The length of time it takes to get a laptop repaired will depend on several factors, including the type of repair needed, the availability of replacement parts, and the workload of the repair shop. Simple repairs, such as replacing a battery or a broken key on a keyboard, can often be completed within a few hours. However, more complex repairs, such as fixing a motherboard issue or replacing a hard drive, can take several days or even a week or more. If the repair requires ordering replacement parts, the length of time it takes to get the laptop repaired may be longer. In addition, the workload of the repair shop can also affect the length of time it takes to get a laptop repaired. Our laptop repair shop will always provide an estimate time frame based on the issues with your laptop as well as the parts required to repair your laptop.

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