VOIP Phone Systems in New Jersey

VOIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, is the ability to create a phone system using only an Internet connection. Confused? Think Skype. Think FaceTime. VOIP provides the ability to connect with others without having to pick up a traditional, land-lined phone to make the connection. Many businesses are moving to VOIP connections vs. traditional phone systems due to the cost savings and flexibility the VOIP system provides.

While conventional landlines are expensive and include extensive hardware, VOIP systems or ‘cloud phones’ require no hardware, flexible contracts, and are easy to set up and implement. Our team of VOIP professionals at Dave’s Computers would love to schedule a consultation with you today to discuss how you and your business can benefit from moving to a VOIP system.

VOIP Features

Unlike traditional landline phone systems, VOIP systems were created specifically with businesses in mind. You can access features such as unlimited calling, conferencing, toll-free numbers, customizable caller ID, texting, online meetings, and faxing from the same system. Better yet? You can access these great features any time, on any device.

Since VOIP systems are cloud-based through the Internet, you can get yourself and your business up and running with full implementation within 24 to 48 hours. Once implemented, you have the ability to add/remove and customize features yourself through your online account or utilize Dave’s Computers’s top quality support, consultation, or best-practice recommendations. Also, rest assured that these features come with layers of safeguards and authentication methods at an affordable price. The monthly service fees are all-inclusive of these features, and remain cost efficient through the lack of maintenance and hardware upgrades needed.

VOIP systems include all the features of traditional home and business phone systems, while enhancing the user experience and creating cost efficiency. Still have questions about features included in a VOIP phone system and how they can work for you and your business? Don’t hesitate to set up a free consultation with our team of VOIP experts today.

Why Switch to VOIP?

If the extensive list of enhanced VOIP features aren’t convincing enough – how does a VOIP phone system actually compare to a traditional landline phone system?

First of all, VOIP phone systems are less expensive than traditional phone lines. Customers save significant amounts of money on their monthly phone bill (according to a recent survey by Consumer Reports, consumers are saving around $50 a month switching to VOIP). Do you place many long distance or international calls to business partners or family members? VOIP provides extremely reasonable calling plans and per-minute rates and allows all calls held on the network’s Internet to be free of cost.

The convenience of a VOIP phone system also outweighs the convenience of using a traditional, physical phone system. With VOIP, customers can make and receive calls seamlessly on many devices, anywhere in the world. VOIP allows you to take the concept of ‘work from anywhere’ literally! Outside of simply using a VOIP system in the same way as a traditional phone system, account holders can also track call activity, view billing information proactively, manage voicemail, and edit account information in real-time – all with 24/7 IT support and assistance from your VOIP provider.

Dave’s Computers VOIP Expert Team

The benefits of switching to a VOIP phone system from a landline system may seem obvious to our team of computer and phone experts, but we want the transition to be your decision alone. Our team wants you to feel as educated and part of the process as you want to be. Do you want to understand exactly what VOIP is, how it works, and what we do to support VOIP on our end? Happy to help! Do you want to simply understand how the solution works for you and leave the rest to us? Perfectly fine!

Technology can seem overwhelming, and transitioning from physical systems to technology-based solutions sounds like a heavy undertaking. However, modern technology solutions and services require professionals – like us – to do the heavy lifting. Not only will the transition and implementation be seamless, but the stress of maintenance, upgrades, and repairs can be left solely to the IT professional VOIP provider.

Whether you have a list of questions, want a VOIP tutorial, or need to request a free consultation to find the solution that’s right for you – our team of professionals is ready to partner with you! Call, email, or visit us today.