Privacy Policy

Collecting Information

We gather information about you in a non—personal, non-identifiable manner. We do this through a series of methods, including tracking activities based on your current IP address and URLs you have recently visited. We do this to improve the quality of service we offer, but we do not track your personal information, including your name, email address, phone number, or physical address unless you provide explicit permission for us to do so. This permission would be provided through a survey, when you register your email address with us, or when you email us this permission directly. However, we do collect personal information that you provide through different areas of our website where this is expressly stated.


Disclosure of Information

We never sell your personal information or any other identifiable information to third parties. In short, your trust in us is far more important.


How We Use This Information

We use personally identifiable as well as non-personal information for a variety of purposes, including marketing, analysis, and site administration, among others. We do not use this information in order to send you emails, spam, or direct mailings you do not wish to receive from us. If you specifically sign up to receive email communications, text messages, or other forms of contact from us, we do use this personally identifiable information for those purposes.

We also offer ample opportunities for you to ‘opt-out’ of any communication, even for personally identifiable info that you have provided to us. If you purchase products from us, for example, and do not wish to receive any marketing materials or be contacted by us for any other purpose aside from a receipt of purchase, you may indicate that in the purchase form or unsubscribe link that would be provided in the footer of each email.

If you are receiving a newsletter, promotional materials, emails, texts, or other communication from us, you may opt out by clicking the unsubscribe link in the footer of each email, replying ‘STOP’ in a text message, or contacting us by phone located at the top of the website.


Third Party Sites

Any sites that we do not control or operate, even those we may provide links to from within advertisements, emails, our website pages, articles, or other content, may have their own privacy policies that we do not control.

For those third-party sites that we do not have control over, it’s important to understand their privacy policies and how they collect and utilize data.



Review and Removal of Personally Identifiable Information

When you rely on our services for ongoing or recurrent membership, services, or other fees, you can review the information you have provided to us at any given time and either change, update, or remove such data. In order to do so, please contact us directly via email, direct mail at our business address, or by phone. We will respond within thirty (30) days of your request. If you have provided information to any third party site or business or organization, you will need to contact them directly and we can’t guarantee that corrections or deletions will be adhered to on other databases. If you wish to have any other information provided to us removed from online records, provide the information through the contact addresses provided above. We will make every reasonable effort to have that information removed from our records.


Cookies and Tracking Methods

Operating online, using websites, sending emails, and even texting leaves a record of traffic. These cookies and other tracking methods may be stored on your computer to make contact between your computer and ours or our websites more convenient and easier for you. These cookies are stored on your computer or other device, not our website or service. No cookies or other tracking methods our website may install spies on you or otherwise invades your privacy. They cannot steal information or invade your hard drive. They simply make it easier for you to navigate a website and create a more user-friendly experience when you shop with us for products or services. You can decline cookies if your browser allows that and remove them at any time based on your computer device and operating system.


Third Party Tracking

We utilize Google Analytics that uses cookies to track information about regular and unique visitors on our website. This information can include the time a person spends on a page, how many pages they visit, bounce rates, and much more. This is all designed to help us develop and hone a better experience for our customers.


Legal Disclosure

We reserve the legal right to disclose personal, identifiable information as required by law, in order to comply with judicial proceedings, court orders, or other legal processes that are served on our website.



Personal information that is provided to us and stored on databases are protected by industry standard methods. We utilize firewalls and other security measures to maximize the security of your personal, private information that you have entrusted to us.



Any amendments that are made to this Privacy Policy will be posted at this URL (webpage address) and will be effective once posted.


Changes to Our Privacy Policies

In the event that our privacy policy changes, we will post notices of such changes to our privacy statements, privacy policy page, the home page of our website for a predetermined length of time, and wherever else is deemed necessary to ensure you have access to these changes as they are made and posted.

This Privacy Policy can change at any time and we reserve the right to do so. If there are significant material changes made to our Privacy Policy, we will notify you either here, on this page, on our homepage, by email, or some other means in order to keep you as updated as possible.