MacBook Air logic board replacement

Is your MacBook Air not working as it should? Is it showing strange errors or crashing? Does it shut down for now reason? Does it not turn on even when plugged in?

These can all be signs of a faulty MacBook Air logic board. There are other causes though, which is why you should let the experts at Dave’s Computers in New Jersey take a look.

We can assess and diagnose the issue and perhaps even fix it the same day!

Symptoms of a faulty MacBook Air logic board can include:

  • Crashing or random shutdowns
  • Laptop not booting as normal
  • Random errors or graphical glitches
  • Hardware randomly not working
  • Not powering on even when plugged in

These are just some of the symptoms of a faulty MacBook Air logic board. All of these can also be signs of other issues, which is why professional diagnosis is so important.

MacBook Air logic board replacement in New Jersey

The logic board, also known as the motherboard, is the single most important component within your laptop. It’s what connects the processor, memory, SSD drive, graphics card, sound card and all your peripherals together.

If something isn’t right with your MacBook Air logic board, your laptop isn’t going to be working very well at all.

Unfortunately, the symptoms are many. As are the causes. It may not even be your logic board at all!

Which is why you should bring your MacBook Air to Dave’s Computers in New Jersey.

We’ll test your MacBook Air to diagnose the issue. If it is the logic board, we can order a replacement and install it for you.

All parts and labor are fully guaranteed and all work carried out on your MacBook Air will be performed by experts.

How much does it cost to replace a MacBook Air logic board?

If your MacBook Air is under warranty, it should cost nothing to replace the logic board if you take it to an Apple Store.

If it isn’t under warranty, it can cost anything up to $800 or more at the Apple Store. That’s almost as much as a brand new MacBook Air!

Rest assured, MacBook Air logic board replacements at Dave’s Computers will be much cheaper!

We’ll still use the same high quality components and expertise, we just won’t charge a premium for it.

Bring your MacBook Air into our New Jersey computer store, we’ll diagnose the issue and provide a clear, no-nonsense quotation for the repair.

No hidden fees, no extra charges. The price you see is the price you pay.

Can you replace your own MacBook Air logic board?

We are big fans of doing it yourself and having a go. But we consider MacBook Air logic board replacement to be very difficult so we wouldn’t advise it.

You can try it of course, it’s your laptop and you can buy logic boards online for around $200.

You’ll need to disassemble your MacBook Air by removing the base, disconnecting the power cable, speaker cables, drive cable and other connectors. You’ll also need to remove the screws and adhesives holding components into place, remove the processor and drive and remove the logic board from the case.

You’ll then need to do all those things in reverse with your new logic board to get your laptop working again.

If you have a steady pair of hands, the right tools and enough patience, you can replace your own MacBook Air logic board.

We wouldn’t recommend it though. It’s too easy to get something wrong.

It’s much faster and safer to come to Dave’s Computers for your MacBook Air logic board replacement.

We’ll diagnose the issue, replace the board and give you your laptop back as good as new. All for a very competitive price.

Contact Dave’s Computers in New Jersey today for expert MacBook Air logic board replacement.


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