PC Repair

Is it Time to Go to a PC Repair Shop?

If you are experiencing problems with your PC and just cannot seem to figure it out, it may be time to visit a PC repair shop. Going to a professional for PC repair is going to be a smarter choice than trying to fix it on your own. Why shouldn’t you try to fix your pc on your own?

Well, if it’s a hardware issue and you decide to take your computer apart, you can cause some MAJOR damage, and this damage can be very pricey. On the other hand, if your computer is experiencing software issues, you may be tempted to download other software that “claims” to help resolve the issues your PC is experiencing; however, more often than not, this is a ploy to get you to download a trojan virus!

So, it is best to let the experts take over and help you fix your computer!

Local PC Repair Near Me: Serving New Jersey Area

Looking for a PC repair store near me? Check out Dave’s Computers!

The expert technicians at Dave’s Computers work hard every day to make sure you have the best computer repair experience available in New Jersey. With over 300 5-star reviews from happy customers and our 100% satisfaction guarantee, we are indeed providing service above and beyond.

We promise to put our mastermind knowledge and computer repair experience to good use for you. This will make us the top choice for desktop and laptop PC repair in New Jersey. When you choose Dave’s Computers, you are guaranteed to have the most exceptional experience in desktop and laptop PC repair in the state.

Our local PC repair shop in Hillsborough, New Jersey, welcomes walk-ins, phone calls, emails, and appointments from all over New Jersey.

Is your computer having any trouble or needs to be repaired in Edison, Bridgewater, Princeton, or Warren? Let us be your go-to service for all your computer concerns, repairs, and even routine maintenance!

Dave, Fix My PC

As a leading New Jersey PC repair specialist, we offer a wide range of PC repair services to address virtually any problem your PC might have. So whether you would like to repair a PC power supply issue, remove a virus, recover lost data, or speed up your PC, we can help.

The following are some examples of the types of services Dave’s Computers offers:

  • PC monitor repair
  • PC fan repair
  • PC start-up repair
  • Printer and hardware setup
  • Virus removal
  • General PC troubleshooting
  • PC speed problems
  • Emergency repair

Even if you don’t see your PC problem listed here, you can find the help you need at Dave’s Computers. Give us a call or visit our PC computer repair desk for answers.

PC Laptop Repair for  Businesses and Individuals

Dave’s Computers is equipped to support private individuals and businesses of any size. Companies can make Dave’s Computers their PC repair desk with our custom IT support solutions, including PC setup, printer configuration, network support and more.

For both businesses and individuals, convenience is key when it comes to PC repair. We offer the following services to make the process as easy as possible for our customers:

  • Remote PC
  • Same-day

You can schedule an appointment for a time that works for you. Just call (908) 533-7504 to schedule your appointment. We’ll take care of the rest.

Your Go-To PC Service

You are not alone if you worry about PC repair costs or are Googling “PC repair near me” repeatedly. Unfortunately, many New Jersey residents with PC problems quickly realize they don’t know where to seek help.

At Dave’s Computers, we pride ourselves on being the solution to any PC problem you have. And because we guarantee our service and give nothing but fair, honest prices, you have nothing to lose by going with us. But you do have this to gain: a repaired PC that is like new — maybe even better than new.

Types of PCs We Repair

Our PC repair New Jersey specialists can handle any type of PC you have. Dave’s Computers can repair your:

  • PC desktop
  • PC laptop
  • Ultrabook
  • Hard drive
  • Server
  • PC monitor
  • Printer
  • Keyboard
  • PC laptop repair

Common PC brands we service include Lenovo, HP, Dell, Acer, Asus, Chromebook, Samsung, and Toshiba. We can even service your custom PC build.

What is a PC Repair Service?

The fact that mobile devices are becoming increasingly popular does not mean that we will become less dependent on our personal computers. For many of us, computers are still an essential part of our everyday lives, whether it be in the workplace, at school, or on a daily basis. The way we type, research, print, design, compute, and communicate are all tasks we rely on heavily. Whenever your computer malfunctions or some of its functions fail to work, you will have difficulty completing your tasks.

When experiencing issues, it is possible that you have a virus on your system or that you need your hardware replaced. Whatever the reason for your malfunctioning computer, Dave’s Computers is here to help!

What is a PC Repair Technician?

An individual who repairs a computer identifies, detects, and troubleshoots the faulty computer’s hardware, software, and network issues. The field of computer repair, also called PC repair, encompasses various implements, procedures, and methods used to fix computer problems (This is exactly what we do at Dave’s Computers!).

A PC repair technician usually deals with computer repairs (if the problem is with hardware), he or she performs a physical review of the computer and tests for abnormalities. It is important to check, repair, or replace hardware that has been found to be defective, such as RAM, hard drives, circuit boards, processors, or optical drives. In addition, disassembling and reassembling a computer requires special tools and equipment.

On the other hand, computer repair software resolves problems generally related to the operating system, the system’s settings, installed programs, malware, and other software-related issues.

Categories of PC Repair

It is important for users to understand which group their problem falls into in order to understand how to progress with troubleshooting.

PC repairs can be classified into the following types:

Pc Diagnosis and Repair

The first step to proper PC computer repair at a PC repair center is diagnosing the issue. Unfortunately, suppose you cannot figure out WHY the computer is struggling to function properly. In that case, you will not be able to learn HOW to fix it!

With an expert team like Dave’s Computers by your side, you can rest assured that we will be able to identify the root of the problem, leading us to be able to begin fixing it.

Eradication of malware

Your computer might be infected if it’s acting lethargic or you keep getting odd ads. Computer technicians can remove malware using anti-malware tools, but you don’t lose your data or apps. Virus removal can also be done online, or you can come to Dave’s Computers!

PC Hardware Repair (PC Repair and Upgrade)

You need to get a technician’s diagnosis of one of your computer’s hardware components as soon as possible if it suffers physical damage. You need a check all parts of the hardware, including the CPU, power supply, chip, hard drive, graphic card, memory, fans, monitor, and others. You may need to install, repair, or update new hardware.

Restoring PC software (PC Error Repair)

Aside from software problems, PC users face other problems as well, such as BSODs, outdated drivers, installation or upgrade failures, software incompatibility, program crashes, sluggish performance of their computers, malware infections, corrupted files, and so forth.

In order to fix software-related computer problems, it is important to detect the cause of the error and use a PC repair toolkit to resolve it. The secret to fixing software problems is to find the right PC repair tool for the specific error you’re having. Fortunately, remote PC repair may be possible for software issues!

Providing maintenance services

Regular updates and spruce-ups can enhance a computer’s rate and performance. Regular maintenance can also extend the lifespan of your computer. Computer upkeep services offered are system and file cleaning, updating and installing recent programs, and broad inspections.

A repair service for accessories

It is not uncommon for computer accessories, such as digital scanners and printers, to require to be refurbished after being damaged. In some cases, errors involving computer accessories are software-related, such as outmoded drivers or inaccurate network settings, but it is possible for a skilled computer technician focusing in computer hardware to fix them.

Troubleshooting networks

You will need to perform network troubleshooting whenever you are unable to link to your web, or your internet does not work. This will include setting up your network, configuring your ports, and resolving any network issues and any other issues you may confront.

Backup and recovery of data

In addition to the likelihood of data failure, computer errors make you nervous when you can’t access your computer. It is likely that your important documents and files will be deleted if your computer crashes due to a virus or hardware failure.

In the event that you do not backup your data, it might be difficult for you to get your data back. If you don’t have a backup, you can appoint a computer technician to recover your files. You can also set up a computerized backup system with the assistance of a computer technician.

Is PC Online Repair a Thing?

Sometimes our staff can offer online PC repair, depending on the situation. However, if the problem you are facing is hardware related, we cannot fix it online or over the phone. This is because our team of experts will need to crack open your computer so that they can take a good look inside it. From there, they can diagnose the issue and repair or replace the broken hardware pieces.

However, on the other hand, if your PC is experiencing software issues, our team can help you over the phone! Our support staff is trained to guide you through the appropriate steps when fixing your damaged software.

Note: If our troubleshooting techniques do not resolve your PC issues, you will most likely need to visit one of our locations. Our team can help better assist you with more complicated technology problems when in-store.

Windows 10 Automatic Repair Couldn’t Repair Your PC

Many users report that automatic repair loops occur on Windows 10 PCs, but automatic repair loops are also reported on Windows 8 PCs. When a start-up problem arises on a Windows system, Automatic Repair is Windows’ own repair tool designed to launch automatically.

Normally, by running Automatic Repair, Windows diagnoses a start-up issue. This could be missing or corrupted system files, drivers, registry settings, etc. It then fixes it and then restarts the computer. However, when Windows fails to shut down properly, it is forced into an automatic repair cycle.

For example, suppose your PC was turned off incorrectly due to a power outage or system crash. In that case, your registry may contain incomplete and corrupted data. This may result in an automatic repair loop. To prevent Acer, Toshiba, Lenovo, or Surface automatic repair loops in the future, you should avoid forcing Windows to quit.

Don’t worry if your PC is stuck on preparing automatic repair or a PC automatic repair loop. If automatic repair couldn’t repair your pc windows 10, Dave’s Computers can help get you out of it!

PC Start-up Repair

Users have also described that they have encountered a BSOD error caused by C:/Windows/System32/Logfiles/Srt/SrtTrail.txt. When they tried to fix this problem, they could not because the notebook would get trapped in a patch-up loop, and the repair crashed because of the miscalculation caused by srtTrail.txt error.

Bring it to us if start-up repair couldn’t repair your pc srttrail.txt! We can help!

Custom PC Repair

YES! We truly do it all! If you are experiencing trouble with your custom build, feel free to bring it on to Dave’s! We will be able to assist you with your issue and get your masterpiece up and running again. So don’t let all that arduous work and money go to waste; let us fix your custom PC so you can enjoy it again!

Can I Bring in My Gaming Laptop for Repair?

Don’t worry. We at Dave’s Computers understand the importance of a functioning computer to an avid gamer like you. That is why the Dave’s Computers team is fully qualified to fix all computers, including gaming PC repair.

Simply, bring your gaming PC to one of our many locations, and we can get your computer up and running again in as little as a few hours! So get your PC gaming repair with us today!

Can Dave’s Do PC Screen Repair— Pc screen repair near me

Have you dropped your pc and now are dealing with a cracked or broken screen? Are you wondering if Dave’s computers can fix it for you? Well, the short answer is yes!

Our team of professional computer repair technicians can help you fix the broken screen on your laptop or PC. More often than not, your screen will require a replacement, and there is nowhere more capable or more affordable than Dave’s Computers to fix your PC screen!

PC Power Supply Repair— Nearest PC Repair Shop

It is a challenging task for an electronic repairer to repair a power supply. Once you have mastered the circuit and repair technique, you will be able to troubleshoot other kinds of circuits quickly. For example, if you have mastered the circuit and repair technique, you can troubleshoot color, vertical, audio, high voltage, and so forth.

You will be able to repair any type of power supply problem on any type of equipment if you have a good understanding of how power supplies and switch mode power supplies work. Once you know how a power supply works, you’ll know how the rest of them work. All power supplies work by generating output voltages for secondary circuits.

There are two types of power supplies: primary and secondary. The power supply may not work or blink even if there is a problem with the furthest part of any equipment circuit, for example, a shorted IC or transistor on the monitor circuit board.

Don’t get nervous if that all doesn’t make sense to you. Bring your power supply problems to the professionals! Dave’s computers is skilled in troubleshooting a power supply in a variety of ways!

Check us out today!

How Much Is PC Repair

It can be frustrating to have a computer shut down or malfunction. Still, countless service technicians are ready to come to your home or business or look at your computer in their facility if the problem persists. Typically, technicians charge $65/hour for diagnosing the problem, hopefully fixing it quickly, and getting you back to your daily routine. Depending on where you live, you may also be charged a call-out fee and/or travel fees

However, this is NOT how Dave’s Computers team operates! We provide affordable laptop care & pc repair in New Jersey. Our qualified team of experts can help fix virtually any PC problem and will NEVER charge you for trivial things (such as a call-out fee).

Choose Dave’s Computers for your PC repair services!

How to Find Good PC Computer Repair Near Me?

A bigger company may seem like a better choice for your computer. Still, sometimes larger companies lack personalized care, which is what you need for something so delicate.

As a result of their more well-known personal brand, many larger repair services are more expensive. If possible, avoid electronic superstores for repairs. Despite the fact that some of the staff may be able to handle your repair properly, it may take much longer for your device to be returned since they are responsible for so many diverse tasks.

You can find online reviews by searching Google or visiting crowd-sourced sites like Trust Pilot. Even sites used just for food reviews, like Yelp.com, now offer local business reviews.

In addition to including names of specific technicians and associates, these reviews can also be as useful as getting referrals from friends and family.

Ensure that you visit the computer repair shop’s website before committing to a service to find out whether all of the services or services you need are included in their offerings. In addition, you can get a sense of exactly the quality of repair you’ll be looking for by taking a quick phone call when you’re in doubt.

There is no doubt that finding a trustworthy computer repair service can be difficult. Nowadays, computers are often extensions of us, and losing access to them can cause you to panic. These tips should help you get your laptop or PC fixed quickly and effectively.

Why do we recommend Dave’s Computers? Well, our team is simply the best! We provide quality service at affordable rates. Additionally, the Dave’s team is full of experts, so we are confident in our ability to fix ANY PC problem you run into.

Another bonus about Dave’s Computers, we are FAST! This is because we understand how vital a working computer is for your day-to-day life. For this reason, you can expect to bring your computer in and have it back the very same day!

PC Repair in New Jersey: The Easy Way

Dealing with a broken or malfunctioning PC is hard. So, stop searching “best pc repair near me” and head over to Dave’s computer, where we make PC repair easy.

Providing the best PC repair service in New Jersey isn’t an accident — it’s the core of our mission. With excellent customer experiences, low prices, fast and friendly service, custom solutions, and honest advice, we’ve filled a gap in the market since 2012.

Contact Dave’s Computers online or call (908) 681-8870 if you would like to speak with a New Jersey computer repair specialist regarding your computer problem.