SSD Drive Data Recovery in New Jersey

If you are a photographer, odds are your pictures are stored on a solid state drive (SSD). The SSD card is used in the computer to store the photographs. You then transfer the images to another device, such as a computer or post them online.

SSD cards can be damaged. The cards can be damaged as they are removed from the camera or damaged when they are input or removed from a card reader device. SSD cards have multiple pins. These small pins, about the size of human hair, can bend or break easily. Each individual pin has to be properly soldered into its pad on the card’s circuit board. Every connection has to be in good condition with no two adjoining connectors touching one another.

How is the problem fixed? We get a matching device like the one that is damaged and solder the chips onto it. If you have two devices just alike, bring them both in so we don’t have to track down a matching device to use for soldering the connectors to. After we have a match, we can recover your photographs or other data.

Getting your data recovered can be very important, especially if you are a professional photographer who has completed a photo shoot or you are a news photographer on assignment. Oftentimes photos cannot be duplicated because they are of a special event. Don’t worry. When it comes to SSD drive data recovery services in New Jersey, you can entrust Dave’s Computers to handle the job.