Using Wifi video to monitor Pets while you are out

Many of our customers are pet owners, and sometimes they ask for advice about pet monitoring systems. So we took a look at the Motorola Scout 66, a video camera monitoring system that works with Wi-Fi in your home.

This system has some interesting features:

  • It comes with a free viewing app easily downloaded from the Apple App Store, or for Droid on Google Play so you can view your pet’s activities on compatible smart phones and tablets
  • Free unlimited streaming
  • Free motion detection and alert
  • Infrared Night Vision
  • Room Temperature Display

All that’s required is a wireless connection to the internet and a compatible viewing device. This version has a connectivity rate of 802.11 b/g/n, contains digital zoom, and there is two-way communication. We thought the room temperature monitoring was a nice touch to ensure your pets are in comfortable environment.

The Scout 66 is a self-contained video camera that can be placed or attached onto a flat surface in your home. You just need to connect the camera via Wi-Fi to a home router. You can then access the camera by using the free “Hubble” app that is available for any internet-enabled device. The app allows you to view live video, zoom in and out, and communicate with pets via two-way radio. You can also use the image snapshot / video recording feature.

Now that you have some details in mind about a pet monitoring device, do you need help with Wi-Fi connectivity in your home? Visit this page for our tips on how you can ensure you have a proper Wi-Fi signal at home. However, if you would rather let the experts help, we’re here for you! The staff at Dave’s Computers will gladly help you through your Wi-Fi and router set-up, and offer you great advice on how to improve your Wi-Fi signal to suit all your needs at home.


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