Custom 2D/3D Animation Workstation in NJ

If you regularly use animation software such as Autodesk 3ds Max, Maya, Blender, Cinema 4D, Houdini, or ZBrush, you’ll need a custom-built PC with the speed and power to render 3D quickly.


Choosing Dave’s Computers to custom-build a PC for 3D animation is the best way to make sure you get the right workstation for your needs. You’ll be able to get more for your money than buying a premium high-end pre-built PC, and we’ll stress-test your computer before handing it over to make sure it can handle everything you want to throw at it.


What to Consider When Building a Custom PC for 2D/3D Animation


PCs built to run animation software need a combination of plenty of memory, high processing power, and a good graphics card (although this is less important than the processor). You should also choose a high-quality HD monitor that’s as large as your budget allows.


Animation software creates tasks for your computer that can mostly only be processed by a single core. For this reason, it’s more important to choose a very fast CPU, rather than one with more cores. However, more CPU cores do make some processes like 3D rendering faster.


If this all sounds a bit overwhelming, don’t worry! The team at Dave’s Computers has years of experience in building custom PCs optimized for various tasks. Contact us for a free consultation and we’ll help you to figure out the ideal custom animation workstation for your needs and budget.



What kind of PC is good for animation?


If you’re creating mainly 2D animations, most modern mid-level PCs can probably handle the task quite well. However, 3D rendering needs more processing power.


How much does a PC cost for animation?


You can run most animation software smoothly on a budget PC that you can build for under $500. The more you spend on your custom PC, the faster it will run. So if you’re doing a lot of 3D work or more intensive tasks, a bigger budget is advisable if you can afford it.


Is 16GB RAM enough for animation?


16GB RAM should be enough for most animation software, although it doesn’t hurt to have more! Upgrade to 32GB if you can afford it and you may want to consider 64GB if you’re working in 3D most of the time and don’t want to upgrade again for several years.


What PC specs do I need for 3D modeling?


3D modeling is more intensive than general animation work. You’ll need a more powerful GPU and processor, with at least 6GB of graphics card memory. 32GB minimum of RAM is recommended.


Are gaming PCs good for doing 2D/3D animation?


Most gaming PCs are overkill for 2D animation. For 3D animation, high-end gaming PCs should be sufficient for handling the rendering without slowing down. However, depending on the specs of your gaming PC, you may want to consider upgrading the RAM.


Does 3D animation use CPU or GPU?


Both the CPU and GPU are important for 3D animation, but the GPU does most of the work when rendering 3D scenes. We can advise you on the best combination of CPU and GPU depending on the software you use and type of animations you want to create.