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Hard Drive Recovery Services

When your desktop PC, laptop, or even your tablet suddenly refuses to boot up, or the files that you had on a secondary drive no longer show up when you view them in the Explorer window, it can be a sinking feeling.

The moment that you realize that you might have just lost all of your valuable information and files because the hard drive crashed can cause you to panic.

Relax and Remain Calm

The most important thing to do when you notice that there is an issue with your hard drive is to remain calm. When you panic, you begin to do things out of desperation. That can cause more damage or problems for recovery.

Step back and evaluate the situation.

  • Is the hard drive turning? Do you hear the familiar sounds of a hard drive engaging?
  • Is the hard drive making a repetitive clicking noise?
  • Are you getting the ‘Blue Screen of Death?’

No matter what happened to cause your hard drive to fail, it’s important to call an expert computer technician right away. Being the hard drive recovery process before you do anything else.

Most Information on Hard Drives that Have Failed Can Still be Recovered

While you may feel like you just lost a year’s (or more) worth of work for school, your job, or your personal interests, the truth is that most hard drives can be recovered, or at least the information on them can be recovered.

In order to do that, you need an expert with the knowledge and tools to retrieve them. That’s where Dave’s Computers comes in.

The accomplished technicians at Dave’s Computers have successfully recovered data from thousands of hard drives used in devices for small businesses, large companies, and individual PC users.

Factors that May Cause Hard Drive Failure

Data loss can occur on a hard drive due to numerous reasons, including:


  • Deleted/Overwritten Files – Files which have been inadvertently deleted or overwritten is one of the most common causes of hard drive data loss.
  • Printed Circuit Board Failure – failure is quite common since a PCB is vulnerable to static electricity, faulty power supplies, and power surges. In this case, data is lost when the hard drive attempts to relay data through the Printed Circuit Board.
  • Spindle Failures – A hard disk rotates using a spindle located under the heads that perform the read and write functions. When the spindle fails, it prevents the heads from working properly which can result in a loud grinding or clunking sound.
  • Read/Write Head Failures – Common signs of a head failure are usually identified by strange internal device sounds which serve as a warning or abrupt malfunction where the hard drive completely stops working.
  • Hard Drive Corruption – Since the function of a hard drive is to read and write data, the drive can become corrupt if an application crashes or the operating system suddenly shuts down


As soon as you notice any signs of potential hard drive failure, it is important to power down your device immediately. Due to the number of moving parts included in a hard drive, leaving your PC running could cause further damage which can be permanent.

Immediate attention from one of our technicians can mean the difference between full data recovery and partial to no data recovery. Our engineers can quickly perform data recovery in a safe and secure environment which offers the latest data recovery technologies.

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