How to Replace Your MacBook Pro Hard Drive

The hard drive on any computer is one of the most valuable and important components of the entire machine. Constructed of mechanical and electrical parts, the hard drive is where all of your files are saved, which means if your hard drive fails, you could potentially lose everything. Luckily, there are ways to replace and even upgrade your hard drive to avoid any catastrophic loss. And, should you have any questions or need assistance, the computer repair technicians of Dave’s Computers are here to help.

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Signs that a MacBook Hard Drive Should be Replaced

As with any machine, there are always signs that something is not right. If your laptop is not working properly, it could be early signs of hard drive troubles. Here are some common symptoms: 

  • Your MacBook Pro is running very slow, and it takes a long time to access or open files.
  • Your laptop is making strange or loud noises.
  • Data keeps disappearing.
  • Programs display errors or warnings when you try to save files.
  • Your MacBook Pro keeps crashing

If you are experiencing any of these, It is crucial that you try and address the problem soon to avoid losing your files. Our technicians have had years of experience replacing all kinds of hard drives, so if you are interested in replacing your hard drive, either follow the steps below or bring your MacBook Pro to our computer repair shop in Hillsborough.

Back-Up Your Hard Drive

Before you attempt to locate and remove your hard drive, back up your files. Why? First, it will ensure that all of your files are safely stored. Second, if your hard drive does end up failing, you will not lose any of your photos, documents, games, software, or other important items. There are several ways to backup your data such as external hard drives, cloud storage, and USB thumb drives. Not sure which is best for you? Give us a call at 908-428-9558 and we will help guide you. 

MacBook Pro Hard Drive Removal

  1. Power off and unplug your computer.
  2. Turn your laptop over so that the bottom of your computer is facing up.
  3. Remove all screws and safely store them so you do not lose any. 
  4. Lift the cover and place to the side. During this step, the cover may make a loud noise which is ok.
  5. Locate your hard drive: this is a silver rectangle that has visible barcode stickers.
  6. There is a black bar, secured with two screws, that holds the hard drive in place. Remove the screws and then remove the black bar. 
  7. Using the plastic tab, lift the hard drive out. 
  8. Carefully detach the hard drive from the computer.

Once you have removed your MacBook Pro hard drive, safely store it to avoid inflicting any physical damage. At this point, you can install your new hard drive by simply following these steps in reverse. 

Can a MacBook Pro Hard Drive be Upgraded?

Absolutely. In fact, we highly recommend upgrading your current hard drive as it comes with several benefits, such as:

  • Faster Speed: Modern technology has created incredibly fast hard drives which means an increase in performance.
  • Energy Efficiency: Newer hard drives utilize significantly less energy. 
  • Dependability: An upgraded hard drive means you do not have to worry about losing your data. 
  • More Space: Upgraded hard drives means you can play more games, save more photos, download more movies, or whatever you need.

SSD Hard Drive for MacBook Pro

If you are looking to upgrade your hard drive, consider going with an SSD – solid-state drive. How are SSDs different from your standard HDD hard drives? The biggest difference is they do not have all the mechanical moving parts which means they are much more efficient and there is no risk of mechanical failure. SSDs are much smaller and lighter than HDDs, and they are quieter. While HDD hard drives tend to be a cheaper option, you will experience significantly more benefits if you upgrade to an SSD. 

Hard Drive Crash

My Hard Drive Crashed!

If your hard drive did crash, do not panic. The good news is oftentimes a crashed hard drive can be repaired, and there are many methods to do so. However, there may be a possibility that the hard drive is beyond repair. In that case, our laptop repair technicians can not only help to replace the dead hard drive, but we are highly knowledgeable when it comes to data recovery. With support available seven days a week in addition to highly trained staff who respect and understand the importance of security, you can trust us to recover your lost files. 

MacBook Pro & Mac Repair Experts

Any computer issue can be frustrating and stressful, especially when it comes to your hard drive. We understand how important your Mac is to you, which is why you can trust the computer repair experts of Dave’s Computers in New Jersey. It doesn’t matter if it’s a personal or business laptop, we can handle it all. To speak with one of our technicians, call 908-428-9558 or stop by our shop in Hillsborough!