Keep your Mac Notebook Within Optimal Operating Temperatures

If you use your Mac notebook for long periods of time, it might get warm. Here’s how you can help keep it at a comfortable temperature.

Mac notebooks are designed to meet all temperature safety standards set by national and international agencies. For optimal performance and safety, please follow the instructions in your Mac notebook user guide.

Mac notebooks are outfitted with temperature sensors that detect changes in heat inside your computer. If the model you have has fans, they’ll turn on automatically to cool any crucial components.

Tips To Maintain Proper Operating Temperature

  • Have all your Mac products updated with the newest software. Before installing an update, make sure to back up your Mac. Afterward, go to the Apple Menu > System Preferences > Software Update. If the option “Upgrade Now” is available, click that button to install the newest update.
  • Use your Mac notebook in an environment with a temperature between 50-95° F (10-35° C) and relative humidity below 95% (noncondensing). Do not leave your Mac notebook in parked cars, as the temperatures inside can get too hot or cold.
  • Your Mac notebook will function best on a level surface that permits proper airflow. Do not use it in your bed, propped up on a pillow, or buried under blankets for long periods of time since the soft surfaces can obstruct vents and cause overheating.
  • Keep all liquids and other materials away from the keyboard.
  • Keep objects out of the ventilation holes on your Mac notebook.
  • Only use power adapters that are authorized by Apple.

If your Mac notebook unexpectedly gets warm or the fans run for an extended amount of time, even without doing intensive tasks, check your CPU activity using Activity Monitor.

To ease your CPU, look for any processes that may be malfunctioning and putting a significant load on the CPU. Also, check for fan use that looks out of the ordinary.

If you’re still having issues, close and open the lid of your notebook or restart your computer. Lastly, if you have an Intel-based Mac, resetting the SMC should do trick.

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