Laptop Repair Princeton NJ

Mention Code ‘Princeton’ and Get $20 Off Your Initial Laptop Repair Service

At Dave’s Computers, we’ve been about community since the beginning, that’s why we have provided laptop repair in Princeton, New Jersey just as we’ve done in our own town. That’s because it’s not about where you live, but rather about the importance of your devices.

Whether you have a smartphone (like an iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, LG, Moto, or one of the dozens of other brands), a tablet, laptop, desktop, or even a server for your business, at some point in time you will need service.

It’s not a question of if, but a question of when.


Where Do You Turn for Laptop Repair in Princeton, New Jersey?

We’ll be the first to acknowledge there are plenty of options! There are. You could drive down the street to a local shop and, after circling the block a few times, come to realize it’s in the basement of someone’s home.

Or you may head over to your big box mega retailer that has a pretty catchy name for their laptop repair experts, drop your device off, wait far longer than they ‘estimated’ and then realize not only were they selling you on a host of options (services, upgrades, etc.) you didn’t need, but that your laptop wasn’t even repaired properly.

Or it’s running ridiculously slow now.

Don’t accept just any laptop repair in Princeton, New Jersey. When it comes to the integrity of your laptop, the privacy of your personal files (no one wants those pictures or videos getting out to the public), or ensuring that the device is going to be working like new again, there’s one choice that stands apart from all others: Dave’s Computers.


Why Go to Hillsborough When You Live, Work, or Go to College in Princeton?

Basically, for the same reason a person drives a little farther out of their way for a nice steak dinner, better medical care than what they might get in town, or the best dentist: quality.

Dave’s Computers is a hop, skip, and a jump (or three wicked cool songs playing in the car) away from Princeton. That’s right, in less time than your favorite comedy show, you can have your laptop in the car and expertise of the leading laptop repair professionals in 100 miles of here.

Just hop on route 206 North, turn left on Amwell Road and Dave’s is there on the right.


Act Now for a Special Discount

For a limited time, Dave’s Computers is offering $20 OFF discount for NEW Princeton customers for laptop repair, data recovery, malware removal, and a host of other services.

When you understand just how vital your data, apps, and devices are, you won’t entrust it to just anyone ever again. In the time it would take you to wade through a series of pesky red lights to get to your local big box tech company (and still have problems with your device), you can have Dave’s working on yours, getting it back to you faster than you thought possible.

For those who can’t travel or get the time, we offer shipping and in-home service, too! Contact Dave’s to claim your 20% discount today!