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Computer Repair in Flemington New Jersey

If you took your computer for repairs and got a guarantee of less than 30 days, you should reconsider your choice of computer repair store the next time it breaks down.

Similarly, if you took your computer for repairs and it came back fixed, but with your important files and treasured photos or videos of your children missing, you should seriously consider changing your computer repair technician.

Why? Because you deserve better. Computer services, including PC repair and IT support, must ease your worries, soothe your pain and remove your frustrations over a computer or IT system that no longer works as it should. The best computer services must get you back working as before:

  • As if the PC’s screen never cracked
  • As if that virus infection never happened
  • As if your Windows PC never slowed to a crawl

Where to go for computer services, though?

In Flemington, as in several other cities in New Jersey, people trust the computer repair technicians at Dave’s Computers.

Our technicians are regular folks who local residents have grown to trust with their everyday computer and tech issues. We are also motivated to keep both established and small businesses running so the local economy can grow and create more jobs.

We don’t come to your place of business with a toolbox full of ready-made fixes. Rather, we make no assumptions and diagnose your problem as you experience it in order to come up with custom, effective repairs.

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Data Recovery Services in Flemington, NJ

In our experience, data loss can be due to a fried computer hard drive or an accidentally deleted/reformatted thumb or flash drive. In most instances, hardware overheating is the primary cause. In others, data is lost due to physical damage to the computer or secondary data storage device, power surges, human error, water damage, or corrupted files.

The prospect of data loss can cause serious anxiety. In the heat of the moment, you will likely try many tricks to recover your data. Unfortunately, by doing all this, you can do more harm than good.

Other than contacting the data recovery specialists at Dave’s Computers, below we highlight what not to do if for any reason you cannot access your data:

How to Handle a Lost Data Emergency

After realizing your important PC files are missing, or that your thumb drive is suddenly blank, it’s common to instinctively try to restart the computer in the hope that the files will reappear after the system has rebooted. DON’T DO THIS.

You have probably also heard of other tricks that can supposedly get your data or files to reappear. One strange one advises placing the faulty hard drive in the freezer. Electrical gadgets shouldn’t be exposed to moisture, so this is actually a bad idea that will result in further damage. So, again, DON’T DO IT.

An equally bad idea is to try and open the hard drive seal on your own. Hard drives should only be opened in dust-free, controlled laboratory conditions. So whether you have accidentally deleted your data or software errors have made your files unreadable, we advise you not to reboot your computer. Instead:

Call in Professional Data Recovery Help

Much of what is needed to recover data lost from your PC, flash or thumb drive, or any other data storage device requires a specialized skill set and tools. A simple job may require several painstaking steps that an unskilled person just can’t do on their own.

To give you an idea of why data recovery must be performed by a properly qualified and experienced professional, here are some of the ways data recovery technicians at Dave’s Computers recover lost data:

  • Desoldering individual memory cells
  • Replacing defective hard disk bearings
  • Correcting electronic controller and firmware errors
  • Repairing damaged or stuck hard drive motor assemblies
  • Reconstructing defective, cracked, wrinkled, and misaligned memory tapes or disks

As you can tell, this is advanced repair work that shouldn’t be handled by unskilled people.

As a reassurance, at Dave’s Computers, we have done countless data recovery jobs at our computer services store in Hillsborough, NJ. Here is a Google map with directions to our data recovery lab in Hillsborough:

If you are unsure of what is preventing you from accessing your files and data, we offer IT support help you can request through this contact form.

Alternatively, you can call (908) 829-0257 so we can try to troubleshoot your issue over the phone. If the data loss issue is software-related, you can call and request that a technician be sent to your house or office in Flemington, NJ to troubleshoot and possibly solve the issue onsite.

Virus and Malware Removal in Flemington, NJ

As you will learn, cybercriminals have gotten pretty sophisticated. While troubled teenagers and some cyber malcontents will spread viruses just for fun, there are sneaky, well-coordinated cybercriminal networks that use keyloggers and bots to steal your personal data for their own gain.

The scary thing about keyloggers and bots is they can work in the background without you ever knowing. Besides the sometimes noticeable slow running speed of your computer, regular users rarely notice the grand heist taking place right in front of them, perhaps until the damage is already done.

For the above reasons, periodic virus checks, which we offer onsite at your home or office in Flemington or at our computer repair store in Hillsborough, NJ, are absolutely critical.

Our services for virus and malware removal are meant to keep you safe and protect your personal data online. Whenever you feel like something is off about the way your computer is behaving, give Dave’s Computers a call right away.

Why Clients Choose Dave’s Computers for IT Support and Other Computer Services

You Retain All the Control 

While our job is to troubleshoot and fix computer failure issues, we don’t impose our fixes on clients. We will let you know what issue you are facing, what it will take to fix it, and how soon it will be before you can have your PC working again. How we proceed is for you to decide. We replicate this approach across all the other services we offer.

The advantage of working with us is that you can decide whether or not you can afford the repair bill before any work is done. You eliminate the shock of finding out that you have been billed for eight hours of work, which works out to an amount that can buy you a new computer.

Experienced, Reliable Technicians

As soon as you tell our technician how your computer failed or is malfunctioning, they will draw on their experience to figure out what the problem is, how to fix it, how long it will take, and how much it will cost you.

An inexperienced computer repair technician will bill you for more hours than an experienced one because it will take them longer to diagnose and fix a problem. So even if their hourly rate is lower, you are still going to pay more in the end, as they will bill for more hours.

We Stand Behind Our Work

The excellent reviews of our computer services by clients in Flemington and other New Jersey cities like Bedminster and Bound Brook have given us complete confidence to boldly promise the same exacting quality for you. Because of the same confidence, we have no hesitation to give a –day guarantee for all the computer repair jobs we undertake in Flemington, NJ and elsewhere.

In Their Own Words, What Clients Say About Us

Want to hear what past clients of Dave’s Computers have to say about us? Here they are in their own words:

Gary H says:

“My son’s laptop suddenly had the black windows screen of ‘Unable to detect system hardware, insert bootable disk’. We thought everything on the drive would be completely lost and my son thought he lost all of the music he has written and composed over the past two years. We should have had a backup system in place but we never thought about or considered a total hard drive failure. 

Dave looked at his laptop and said he would put it through his lab and try to save whatever data he could. The next day, Dave called and said he was able to copy everything off the old hard drive onto a new one and my son luckily lost zero data. We came home with a working laptop with a brand new hard drive, fully restored like it was never broken. Thanks Dave and his team!”

Here is another Google review from Tom MacKenna:

“Highly recommend Dave’s Computers. We had a laptop with a failing hard drive. Dave was able to swap the drive and save the majority of content. The whole process was smooth from the start. From the initial phone call, to the front desk, to clear pricing and expectations. End result was better than expected.”

Technical skills aren’t worth that much if you are not responsive. Here is what one client said about our prompt response to her request:

Deanna Cannatelli:

‘This is THE place to go for computer repairs! Dave is awesome; he is honest, knowledgeable, and dedicated, and will do whatever it takes to resolve your computer’s issue. He successfully diagnosed and resolved my MacBook’s issue after the techs at the Apple Store could not. 

I felt confident leaving my laptop with him and he is very responsive to any questions or concerns you may have while he is working on your computer. His prices are very reasonable, too. I highly recommend this business.”

We would like to do the same – and more –  for you. Will you let us?

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Looking for IT Support? We can help!      In New Jersey for small businesses. Whether it’s a solo based business or has up to 200 users, Dave’s provides a much more personal approach to your IT needs.

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