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Tips to Help Extend The Battery Life Of Your Laptop

Modern laptops are among the most powerful piece of tech on the planet, but when it comes to battery life, they aren’t always the greatest. In order to extend the battery life of your laptop, there are some steps you can take and tricks you can do to ensure you aren’t stuck to a wire […]

When your laptop needs repairs or something just isn’t working correctly, there can be some difficulty discussing the problem for one major reason: people don’t understand the different parts when they are actually talking about it. When you need something fixed but can only explain it as “that thingy that spins,” there is a breakdown […]

If you use your laptop a lot and find yourself frequently running out of battery, this tutorial might help. The team here at Dave’s Computers in New Jersey spend a lot of time on laptops and have come up with a few tried and tested ways to boost your laptop battery life. If you want […]

This week’s computer repair post was prompted by a guy who came into our Hillsborough computer store earlier this week. He had spilled his coffee over his older Dell laptop and wanted to know if we could save it. This seems to happen a lot, especially if you work or study at home. So how […]

Compared to desktop computers, you cannot do a whole lot to a laptop. You can usually replace the hard drive, add memory and change the Wi-Fi card but most often that is all you can do. The computer support guys here at Dave’s Computers often refurbish old computers and give them a new lease of […]