Tips to Help Extend The Battery Life Of Your Laptop

Modern laptops are among the most powerful piece of tech on the planet, but when it comes to battery life, they aren’t always the greatest. In order to extend the battery life of your laptop, there are some steps you can take and tricks you can do to ensure you aren’t stuck to a wire in a few months.

If your battery is already losing juice, you might want to cut your losses and bring it to a Montgomery, NJ computer repair service where we can help you to restore it or replace it.

Here are some great things you can do if you aren’t already feeling it:

1. Turn Down Screen Brightness For Extended Battery Life

Where does a lot of that battery power go? Right to your screen. The screen is one of the things that takes up a lot of battery power to keep it looking clear and bright. To save power, one simple trick you can do is turn down the brightness.

You can find the screen brightness button on one of the F keys. You will see a little sun icon on it. It might also be on one of the arrow keys on some computer models. Usually, you will have to hold down the FN key to activate the trigger.

2. Adjust The Power Settings To Extend Battery Life

There are some great features on your computer that you probably never even look at. One option you have is to get the best performance possible when you are plugged into a power source and the chance to optimize battery life when you are not.

It’s as easy as typing the search phrase “Power Options” into your start search bar and then choose “Power Saver” from that list. Depending on your laptop and operating system, there should be more than a few options for saving battery life.

3. Turn Off The Wi-Fi If You Aren’t Using It

Another great option if you are trying to extend the battery life of your laptop is to switch off the Wi-Fi if you aren’t using it. Even if you aren’t signed into a Wi-Fi access point, your computer will continually look for options, zapping the life out of your computer. Interestingly, this is also a great tip to save the battery life of your phone as well.

When you are using your laptop away from a wireless network that you can get access to, turn this off. Many laptops have a simple button that you can enable to turn it off. Some older laptops do not have this, so you may have to go into the Notification Center and manually turn it off.

4. Want To Extend Battery Life? Turn Off The USB Peripherals

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By using USB peripherals, you are draining the battery life of your laptop. This is because your motherboard has to power them – even if you aren’t using them. So if you have made it a practice to just put your phone charger there, for instance, you are actually draining power continually. Another common culprit of this battery draining is USB sticks, mice, and webcams. If you are trying to save battery life, you may just have to use your normal track pad.

5. Make Sure To Eject Your Disc Drives

Now, most modern laptops don’t even come with a disk drive installed anymore, but if you have an older one or a refurbished laptop, this tip might just help you to extend your battery life. Make sure that you empty out the disk drive!

Having a disc that spins in the drive, even if you aren’t actively using it, can be a huge drain on the power resources of your laptop. All you have to do is eject your discs before you switch to battery power to gain some extra time on that battery.

6. Consider Helping Your Battery Have The Best Chance

Just having some good practices when it comes to your laptop can be enough to extend its life. Most laptops comes with a six-cell battery, but there are better ones on the market that have 8 cells or even 12 cells. If you plan on needing your computer to have a lot of battery life, this is where you may want to upgrade.

You do have another option: portable laptop battery chargers. These are a bit bulky and you will have to carry them with you, but they can give you some great extended time on your laptop. You probably already have something similar (though smaller) for your phone. There are more compact models available for most laptops.

7. Take Care Of Your Battery While It Is Healthy

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One of the best things you can do for your battery is simply maintain it. You want to use your battery off of the charger when it has been completely charged. You also want to ensure that you get enough airflow and that you aren’t plugging it into a faulty outlet for the charge.

You should also check to make sure that your charging cord isn’t twisted or covered up – you can do quite a bit of damage by stepping on it or even bending it too far.

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