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Virus And Malware Protection For Your Computer

Tired of Covid? Yeah, us too. But viruses are everywhere. We have natural defenses to help us, though. Your computer doesn’t. 

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Viruses and malware are everywhere today, and it’s getting worse. You don’t have to worry about it when you have the best level of protection.

Protect your computer, with the leading virus protection service.

How Does My Computer Get A Virus?

There are hundreds of ways. A computer virus could come from:

  • Opening the wrong email.
  • Clicking on an attachment.
  • A friend’s social media message or email (because you didn’t realize they’d been hacked).
  • Bad websites.
  • And almost innumerable ways.

A Virus Could Be On Your Computer Device Right Now

Too many people assume that since their computer device is working, it’s safe. Virus and malware-free.


Programmers (hackers and thieves) have perfected the art of virus and malware, so much so that most people have no clue their device is infected… for months.

Malware can hide right in plain sight and track everything you do, including your bank login information!

Don’t Take Chances. Get Dave’s Computer Virus Protection

Why Worry About Virus Protection?

Every second of every day a computer virus or malware program is getting onto a computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

You can’t stop exposure to them.

They come from everywhere, and they’re relentless; they don’t stop pounding on your device’s limited, basic defenses.


If You're On The Internet, You're Exposed to Malware

It’s really not hard to get a virus on your device right now. If you’re connected to the Internet, it’s exposed constantly.

And it’s about more than slowing your computer down, or crashing the operating system, or the ‘Blue Screen of Death.’

It’s about protecting your private information and personal data. Malware can steal things like:

  • Personal account login info
  • Private pictures and videos
  • Sensitive work files
  • And more.

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$15/month Per PC/Mac - As long as your an active subscriber any future need for virus or malware removal will be at no additional charge. ***Sign-Up Today to lock in promotional rate, valid first 50 customers.***** ..Not valid for business users

Powerful Protection

When you want to protect yourself against the endless onslaught of viruses and malware today, you deserve a service that cares.

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