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Choosing Best PC Repair

Choose the Best PC Repair Service

In the past, if you had a computer that was running slow, was infected with a virus, malware, Trojan, or some other common issues that could affect functionality or speed, your options were limited. Today there are many companies and individuals who promise the best remote PC repair. Choosing the best means understanding what’s at stake. When you have private data and information on your computer, such as pictures, videos, financial information, and more, you deserve to choose a remote PC repair service that respects and values that.


Understand the Options Available to You

You don’t need to disconnect your desktop computer, carefully place it in your car, and bring it to a store to have it cleaned, repaired, or its performance enhanced. There are more remote PC repair sites popping up all over the Internet, and there are plenty of options, but keep in mind that not all are created equal. Be informed and focused on the things to look for when choosing the optimal PC repair company for you and your computer. Below are several topics to consider when choosing the right remote PC repair company for your computer.

Where do the remote PC repair technicians reside?

Outsourcing is common, and cost effective for many companies. That’s because labor rates are considerably less expensive in countries like India, Pakistan, and other regions. While these individuals may be skilled, you may not know who they are, how they value privacy, or whether they are just starting out or experienced professionals. Dave’s Computers is born and bred in the USA. We’re your neighbors.

Is there a diagnostic charge?

Many companies charge a diagnostic fee. It can be quite high (upwards of $70) to determine what’s wrong with your computer. If you decide not to use their service, you’re out that money.

What about phone support?

The remote PC repair company should offer a toll-free number so you can contact them directly and ask questions. They may also offer a local number for those who live in close proximity to the company’s base of operations.

Does the company require payment up front?

There are numerous services that require payment upfront, but remote PC repair shouldn’t be one of them. If a company demands payment up front, ask yourself why. Dave’s Computers will not request credit card or other payment information until the work is completed.

Read the reviews and testimonials about the company.

Almost every company website has testimonials on it. The ones that don’t list the first and last name of the customer should be taken with a grain of salt. Look to other review sites like Yelp to see what true customers have to say about this company.

Facebook offers a great way to learn more about the company.

Almost every business today should have a website, especially a remote PC repair one. This gives insight into their operations and you can see other comments that previous customers have to say about it.

What does the company’s website look like?

Increasingly today, companies don’t have a physical storefront or presence, which means they need to convey themselves (their brand) through a website. A well-designed site that is easy to navigate and provides you all the information you need to make the right decision should represent the kind of remote PC repair company to work with.

How will you be billed?

Pay attention to the small, but incredibly important details about billing. If you’re going to be billed by a third party, the remote PC repair work could be outsourced. Does the company use PayPal or a major payment processing system? Be comfortable with the billing process from the outset.

Does the company offer any type of satisfaction guarantee?

What happens in the event that your computer isn’t repaired properly? What if you’re not pleased with the results? Will you still be charged? If you get charged, how would you get a refund in the event of problems? If you hired remote PC repair services to clear out a virus, what happens if it is back within a few days? Will the technician work on your computer again for free to clear it out completely? Read more about Dave’s Computers’ guarantee.

Can you chat online with a company representative?

You can learn a lot about the technicians by chatting with someone online first. If the company doesn’t offer an online chat feature, ask yourself why.

How long has this company been in business?

With the economy the way it is, there are more and more so-called ‘technicians’ operating today than ever before. Many of them simply don’t have the kind of experience or professionalism you deserve for your computer. Look for a company that has been around for several years. You can also easily check the age of the company’s domain name, which can give you more insight into how long they’ve really been around.

Is a user account necessary to get remote PC repair services from this company?

Today, almost everywhere you turn you have to sign up for this service or create an account for that one. You shouldn’t have to create an account just to get your computer cleaned, repaired, and running like new again.

Understand the remote control tools the company uses to access your computer.

You may not be computer savvy, but you should be informed about the type of remote control software that is used. Make sure no portions of the program (the coding) is left behind as a ‘cookie’ or tracking program. Adding more software to your computer will only congest it more.

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