Why Virus Scan Programs Are so Important for Computer Support

The real benefit of anti-virus programs for computer support on your laptop or PC is tied into the consequences of what happens when you do not have an anti-virus software. The internet is not secure by any means and just as you would not travel through another country without protection and planning of some kind, you cannot travel through the world of the internet without some protection too. Even those who understand computer support and the way they work can at times visit the wrong site, download the wrong file, and get infected with a computer virus or some malware. Learning about the consequences and what can happen if you do not have a good anti-virus protection on your computer will help you see how vital they are. Here are a few important reasons why Dave’s Computers recommends getting a good virus scan program for your computer:

1. Computer Support: Viruses and Malware

Just as regular viruses make people sick, computer virus make a computer sick and unable to function and work as it should. A virus will infect the code and basic functions of your computer and can make it where the computer will not run, certain programs will not load, and your information stored on it can be compromised. Malware is similar and will infect your computer as well and cause all sorts of problems. Some computer viruses and malware are very serious and can render your computer useless and others are jut very annoying and make doing basic functions very difficult. Dave’s Computer recommends all Sarasota residents use a virus protection program for computer support, and if they think their computer is infected with a virus or malware to bring it in and let us take a look and get it cleaned up for you!

2. Spyware and Identity Thieves

Spyware is much like a virus or malware infection but rather than just disabling your computer it is meant to steal information from your computer. Hackers and identity thieves will use spyware to infect a computer and then gather information from it- names, passwords, credit card numbers, account log-ins, phone numbers, addresses, and any other information you have stored on your computer. They can then take that information and try to steal your identity and open lines of credit in your name, hack your credit cards and bank accounts, and cause all sorts of devastation for you and your family. If you are in the Venice, Bradenton, or Siesta Keys area of Florida, you need to be particularly careful as many identity thieves like to prey on seniors and snow birds in the South. Here at Dave’s Computer we know how to protect you and your information and can perform checks to make sure your computer is free from any compromising issues.

3. Spam

Everyone who has a computer has dealt with spam. It floods our email inboxes and clutters up websites and webpages we are trying to read. But where does it come from? Most spam is either some form of advertisement trying to get you to buy something or it is some form of a scam trying to get you to buy into something so someone can get money or information from you. Spam gets to you when someone is able to get a hold of your email address or log in information and when they can see what you are shopping for, the pages you visit online, and what your hobbies are. They then craft advertisements or scams targeting those interests and send them out in mass emails to everyone they have information on. The hope is that a few of the thousands they send the spam to will fall for it. Dave’s Computer can help you find the virus protection program that also helps guard against spam and other unwanted emails and advertisements, so let us help you with your problem today!

No matter where you are, if you have a computer and if you get online, you are at risk for any of these three things happening to you. Do not risk it. Get the protection and computer support you need to be safe while navigating the World Wide Web; Dave’s Computer is here to assist so contact us today!

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