Why paying an expert for computer repairs can work out cheaper than doing it yourself

Sometimes doing something yourself is not the easiest or cheapest way to do something. It may offer more satisfaction and a deeper knowledge of your chosen subject but it can come at a financial cost. Computer repairs are one of those subjects.

I always encourage my customers to learn about how their computer works and how to keep it running efficiently. I think an understanding of the machines around us reduces fear, helps confidence and helps us accept them more. There is a limit though.

When it comes to basic repairs, DIY is definitely the way to go. Optimizing Windows, setting up antivirus, cleaning hard disk space and those kinds of things are simple and can be done by anyone. Read our blog for detailed instructions on most of those!

Time is money

When it comes to changing processors, troubleshooting memory, changing boot drives and more complex matters, it is often better to let us do it. We don’t doubt your enthusiasm, intelligence or ability. Not at all. It’s all about efficiency.

Is it cheaper for you to spend two or three hours of your time changing a boot drive and cloning your operating system or paying us to do it?

Would it be cheaper to buy a new processor from Dave’s Computers and have us install it or buy it online and try to do it yourself?

If that time could be better spent working, spending time with the family, being with friends or doing something more fulfilling, we would argue that it is better to pay us. You could likely earn more in that time than it costs for us to do it and there is no price for more family time!

Dave’s Computers uses a very fair pricing model. We offer free quotations and then a fixed fee or hourly rate depending on what we are doing. We tell you up front how much it will cost and will stick to that price. We believe in fair, transparent pricing and will do everything we can to deliver on our promises.

If you have a busy life and time is short, do you have the time to scour the internet for how-to guides or YouTube videos showing you how to do what you need to do? Do you have the patience to safely take a computer to pieces and put it back together again? Do you have the resources to replace components you inadvertently break while working on your computer?

If the answer is not to any of those, it is better to pay a computer repair expert to do the work. We are cheap and cheerful but guarantee the quality of our workmanship and the components we use. Try us and see for yourself!