Your options when facing a broken MacBook screen

If you’re anything like me, you go everywhere with your laptop. Whether a Windows or MacBook, it’s a part of your body and an extension of your imagination and will. But what happens if it gets damaged? Can you repair a laptop screen?

Yes you can! The awesome Retina screen is arguably a highlight of the MacBook. Vibrant colors, detailed graphics, pinpoint sharpness and excellent levels of richness are just some of the high points of using it. That is until you crack or otherwise damage it anyway.

You have two options depending on how old your MacBook is.


If your MacBook is over a year old, the standard AppleCare warranty will have expired. If you paid extra for the AppleCare Protection Plan, you have up to three years to claim for repairs as long as they weren’t self-induced or as the result of an accident. Accidents are not covered under AppleCare either.

If your MacBook is under warranty, it makes perfect sense to have Apple fix it. They are experts and have all the spares necessary for a screen change. As long as you live near an Apple Store, you’re all taken care of.

You could pay for Apple to change your screen but you’re looking at a bill of up to $700 depending on the model of MacBook you have.

If your MacBook is out of warranty, Dave’s Computers in New Jersey can help.

Dave’s Computers Mac screen replacement

Dave’s Computers are Apple experts with many years’ experience in repairing broken screens, Mac hardware, laptop keyboards, drives and components. We can repair your broken MacBook screen no problem. We will change the screen with a branded replacement and have your MacBook running as good as new again.

Not only that, we will cover all our work for a year and charge a whole lot less than Apple would to do it!

Mac screen replacements are just one of the many computer repair services available at Dave’s Computers. We can tackle Windows, Linux, Mac, phones, hardware, software and any IT problem you can think of. All for a fair, reasonable price.

So if your MacBook screen is damaged and you don’t want a $700 bill, visit Dave’s Computers in New Jersey. We would be only too happy to help!