Your Small Business Can Afford IT Support – Here’s Why

Small, local businesses need affordable IT solutions. And, we understand: margins are thin. We also understand that technology makes the world go ‘round. If you’ve ever wondered whether you should hire an IT technician for your small business, read on. We make a pretty good case for the cost-saving, time-saving and headache saving nature of a partnership like this.

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Small Business IT Support: What You Stand to Gain

Imagine this: what couldn’t you do if the internet went down for a day? If half of your computers didn’t work? If you got some crazy virus that wrecked your database? You’re not alone. Small businesses operate online, and your important work can’t continue if you don’t have reliable internet and computers.

Here are some of the benefits that IT services provide to small business owners:

  • -Maintaining productivity: if laptops, tablets, desktops and devices don’t work properly, your team can’t be productive. Operational meltdowns should be a real concern of small business owners. The team from Dave’s Computers can alleviate those concerns by providing expert assistance for maintenance, repairs and upgrades.
  • -Better performance: what would you do with faster internet, better performing computers and upgraded technology? The answer is probably more transactions and more streamlined business. That is achievable, if you have a team of IT professionals on your side. Don’t spend to bring that in-house: save by outsourcing IT to a team like ours.
  • -Cybersecurity: most fraud experts say that your business information isn’t going to be compromised, it already is. Now, you need threat reduction tactics that protect you from harm. Whatever cybersecurity you have, it must be ready to handle current and future threats. We can help with that.
  • -Infrastructure management and upgrades: technology changes at a rapid pace, and unless it’s your field, it’s impossible to know what the latest greatest options are for software and hardware. And yet, these upgrades can elevate your small business into newer levels of competitive activity. Let us be your eyes in the sky to navigate new landscapes using the best tools.
  • -Cloud services: if you still think these are fluffy white things (we know you don’t), we should talk. Cloud connectivity can be a way to optimize efficiency, secure your data and improve workflows. All of this may require some IT management, but you already know a team for that.


Sound like some perks you could stand to enjoy? Reach out and we’ll chat about next steps. Because, really, a lot is at stake everyday that you don’t have an IT guy on your side. Keep reading for some examples.

When Technology Doesn’t Work (Here’s What’s at Stake)

Businesses that don’t make strategic investments in infrastructure and technology are taking major risks. Some of these may not even have occurred to you, but here are some illustrations of what the outsourced IT team at Dave’s Computers has helped clients avoid:

Downtime Disasters

More and more employees are plugged in. We’re talking remote employees logging into a network or your in-office employees doing digital work. There is no lag time a copier or fax machine can fix. And downtime from broken-down tech, servers or more can cost you big time. 

Imagine that you have four staff who make $30/hour each and produce $100/hour or revenue.

If even two of their computers slow down, productivity could be halved, which loses your business $50/hour for every hour it happens.

That’s when you need an on-call IT tech: a downtime disaster just costs too much.

Login Loss

Even if you aren’t transmitting encrypted data for a government agency, almost every small business has some kind of sensitive or confidential information. Say that isn’t even the case (you could literally hand someone your password with nary a care): you still need access to information to do your job. Whether it’s scheduled appointments, client billing information or project management tools: getting locked out means you’re losing out.

If you suddenly suffer a data loss from a broken hard drive or dysfunctional computer, you lose every cent of revenue you could have made in the meantime. If, on a typical day, you generate $150/hour in revenue, a single day offline or without access can wreck your books for a week. A managed IT provider can protect your computers and network, including the data on them, to prevent this kind of loss.

Compliance Catastrophes

The kind of data or records your small business keeps may very likely include financial records or medical records. Financial advisors, accountants and medical practices are three areas in which small business IT support is especially crucial. 

Your firm or practice may be required by law to be FINRA or HIPAA compliant. Not doing so can stick you with as much as $50,000 per violation. Having a qualified IT expert can ensure that you never deviate outside regulatory restraints and suffer this kind of catastrophe.

What’s Next? Find Outsourced IT Support 

If you’ve read this far, we may safely assume that you aren’t interested in doing this yourself. That’s good. Because we’re here to help.

It may be easy to Google “IT team” or “hire an IT provider” but you already know those results are mixed at best. Here’s what we propose:

Let an IT provider from Dave’s Computers get to know you, your company and your needs. We think this is the right first step. After all, your small business is unique. Your current systems and opportunities for improvement are a custom situation, and we don’t want to give you “three easy steps” that will solve all your problems or a blanket offering of services without really diving into what you want.

We can:

  • -Start with a phone call to meet you and understand what you’re looking for
  • -Come to your office and evaluate your setup
  • -Create a custom proposal for the kind of services you truly need
  • -Leave out all of the upsells you really don’t need


We’ve done this before, and our IT support for small businesses is something of which we’re very proud. Now, let us serve you, help you avoid the challenges or loss of not having a team like ours, and get you all of the benefits and perks of an off-site, onside IT staff member.

Want to get started? Give us a call at 908-428-9558 or start a chat on the right side of the page


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