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Small Business can afford IT Support – Here’s why

When starting your own business, managing those start-up costs versus the work of generating sales to see a net profit at year-end can be both exciting and challenging. Some small business owners rely on DIY methods of daily operations until they are comfortable with taking on more employees or enlarging their store front. But where does IT support fit in to that business model?

In a DIY small business environment, sometimes outside IT support is put far down the list of priorities – that is, until the first computer crash occurs or a virus brings down the daily operation. Suddenly, IT support becomes a necessity rather than a luxury.

At Dave’s Computers, we always see IT support as a small business necessity. Why? Because we have made it our business to offer those in the small business community affordable options designed to keep their operation running smoothly 24/7 so the business owner can concentrate on earnings rather than putting out IT fires.

We can offer a dedicated team of IT experts who will look after your company’s network, be there 24/7 when one-on-one help is needed, and keep you informed of technology changes that will keep your business running at an optimum level. At Dave’s Computers, we can offer small businesses a flat-fee service that encompasses all of those things.

Have you ever spent hours searching Google to find a solution to that IT problem? Have you been on hold for what seemed an endless amount of time waiting for that pay-by-the-hour help desk to find a solution? You won’t waste your time with an IT support team like Dave’s Computers. Chat with us online, or give us a call and we’re ready to help – no long waiting periods and no pulling out the credit card before someone will answer a question. Here are some points why small business owners not only need IT support, but how they can use a fully managed IT support team to keep their own employees productive and ultimately grow the business.

  1. Maintaining Productivity – Let Dave’s Computers ensure your network and computers are running properly. Employees can do their jobs and the business owner won’t have to worry about an operational meltdown if something needs fixed or upgraded.
  2. Consultation from the IT Professionals – Small businesses who invest in IT support and get consultation from experts like Dave’s Computers are more likely to thrive than those that don’t. We can recommend IT solutions for computer software and hardware, VoIP phone systems, and cloud storage, for example. Providing great consultation is what keeps our clients happy and ultimately helps our small business clients to grow.
  3. Security Solutions – Automated hacking bots abound, and they do not discriminate between small and big business. In fact, small businesses are at higher risk because they often feel the cost of IT support is too high and overlook it until something happens. At Dave’s Computers, we understand your concern, but we also understand the threats to small business far outweigh our costs to keep you protected. If your small business server somehow makes it onto a randomly-generated hacking bot list, the damage can far outweigh the costs.

So there you have it – for a reasonable monthly fee, Dave’s Computer’s has got you covered. From managing your network, and security issues, to making software and hardware recommendations, to trouble-shooting and finding solutions, Dave’s Computers is there to help. Visit this page to learn more.


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