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Have you ever gotten stuck in a bind where you forgot your flash drive at home, or a CD containing all of the files you need so urgently that day? Or, have you ever had to help a friend, relative, or coworker with some sort of computer help, but you have to do it on the phone? It’s really hard to know exactly what is happening without seeing, thus making it almost impossible to diagnose or fix. Well, lucky for you there are tools out there that can help. These remote tools can help you get your files from home or help you explain what’s wrong with their computer. To use them, though, you need to figure out which one will work best for you. Here is an overview.

Sometimes people say that free stuff is the best. That’s not always true, but it can be in this case. Depending on what you intend to do with it, free remote desktop software may be perfect for you. If you have a job for it that is simple and shall we say amateur, it should meet your needs well. If you intend to use it for a large operation with complicated arrangements, computers, and networks, a free version is not always the best way to go. Many programs start as a free version, and, if you feel the need, you can upgrade to a paid version of the same program that had more features than the free version.

Software that’s Free

The best free remote desktop program is LogMeIn. One of the things that make LogMeIn great is its versatility. After downloading it on your personal computer, or for use on a friend’s PC, you can control that computer from your device, a smart phone (through and app), or through an internet browser. You can control the second computer by going to and signing in. So, if you get stuck at the office and need files from your home computer, you can login online, access your computer, and get your files through email or a Dropbox. And, if a friend has a computer problem you can use LogMeIn to take a look at what is going on.

The next best program of this sort is called is a service started my LogMeIn that also provides remote control service. It’s handy in situations that you aren’t quite prepared for. You don’t need the program on your computer, or the one on the other end. You simply need a web browser. To start a connection, go to and select “Start Meeting”. It will download a file to start the remote management, and give you with a 9 digit code that the second computer will need to connect to yours. With this set up, control through browsers, computer 1 can control computer 2 and vice-versa. The program is capable of sending files, chatting, and more. The one real limit for this program is that it’s meant to be shared between two people; you cannot run it on an unattended computer.

The next good program for computer control remotely is TeamViewer. TeamViewer has been growing in the last few years. When it is downloaded you can set it to allow unattended use. Similar to LogMeIn it runs across the Windows, Mac, and Mobile operating systems. One great feature of TeamViewer is the ability to control multiple computers in separate tabs of the program, which allows you to copy-paste, and even drag files from one desktop to another.

Software that Costs

We have a similar line up for programs that cost. LogMeIn is not on top this time, but it is close. Top Ten Reviews give GoToMyPC a 9.57 out of 10 rating. This professional program costs $9.95, and boasts that they can transfer files almost twice as fast as any other program. The GoToMyPC service is known for being easy to use, especially for computer novices. It does have the capability of controlling across platforms e.i PC to Mac or Mac to PC, but it does have significant limitations. GoToMyPC is great because of its scalability and ability to adapt to what a professional company needs to use it for. Top Ten Reviews says it has good sharing tools, great security, is easy to use, and is very business friendly.

The coming in right after GoToMyPC is LogMeIn. It is rated by Top Ten Reviews at 9.38 out of 10. LogMeIn’s best professional features are their superior configuration options. They are fast, but best of all, they have great image rendering in HD quality. It passed by GoToMyPC because of its less that easy usability. It is more professional, so it isn’t as user friendly to people less familiar with the technology. LogMeIn costs $12.20 and provides:

Unattended access
Back up service
File transfer
Remote control
Mobile access
Multiple computers
Multiple users & Much more 

Now that you know a little bit more about remote desktop software, you can decide what program and price is best for you. You can grab those files from work, or help that friend who doesn’t know what’s wrong with their computer.

by David Molnar

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