The True Value of Your Data

Take a moment to pause and think about your businesses’ important data. If your data disappeared tomorrow, would you be willing to pay someone to retrieve it? Your quick answer may be, “of course not, I can reproduce the data myself,” but can you really? Do you possess data that can be easily replicated, or do you have data that could take weeks or even months to be reproduced? You may even own data that cannot be replicated a second time around, and said data could have the potential to earn your business a fortune.

Now we’re getting somewhere. It is in your best interest to think about what your data means to you, the potential price tag associated with your data, and how much you would be willing to pay someone to retrieve it. Consider the different types of data likely stored on your hard drive(s), and take into account the value associated with it.


Objective data is composed of facts. From databases consisting of your customer’s information to spreadsheets containing sales records, this type of data has only one objective, and that is to make your company money. If you lost your objective data tomorrow, you would probably have a hard time getting copies made of the data – yet it wouldn’t be impossible. Your business probably has hard copies stored somewhere to counteract this exact situation, and by hiring a few temps to do data entry during the next work week, you could probably have your data back to working order within a few business days.

What about the mistakes the temp workers could make? They are only temporary after all – what difference does it make to them if they make a mistake or two? Essentially, your important objective data is at the mercy of the temp workers, and one mistake during data entry could spell trouble for your business. Is there a better solution?

Yes there is: instead of hiring temp workers to replace your objective data, choose a provider of data recovery in New Jersey to resurrect the dead hard drive(s) for you. Your original data would be back on your new hard drive(s) within a few business days, allowing you to use your original data once again, and the best part? You can take solace in knowing that your objective data is 100% accurate.


Theoretically, those ideas you jotted down for next year’s convention could be rewritten. Sure, those sketches you remember drawing months ago for that new product line could also be redrawn as well. That analysis for that big firm your company signed a contract with last week? Yes, that too could be recreated from scratch – but it wouldn’t be the same.

Had the Sistine Chapel burnt to the ground before Michelangelo could finish The Last Judgment, it would have been impossible to recreate the work with the passion and beauty of the original. The same goes for your subjective data, as the passion found in your original data will be lost forever.

Once again, you need to ask yourself, “how important is my data to me?” If you want your subjective data to encompass the passion and elegance of its original, it is time to consider data recovery in NJ.


Most of the time, complex data is virtually impossible to recreate. Even if complex data can be recreated, it still follows the rule of subjective data: if it can be recreated, the passion the original data possessed is gone forever. The blueprint of that new business park you spent months drawing? It is not coming back – and you certainly do not have time to recreate it. Time is money and you have people depending on you. It seems as if it is time to call a data recovery expert to save your data (and in turn, save the day) is the order of the day, so what are you going to do?


Your data is your livelihood – make the smart decision

The moment any of your hard drives ‘give up the ghost,’ call Dave’s Computers immediately so our team can start the process of saving your data. While not all data is created equal, every hard drive on every workstation at your company has important data stored on it – data that cannot be recreated in a timely, cost-effective manner. Make the smart decision: call us the moment you require data recovery, and allow us to get your priceless data back into your hands.

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