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Using HTML to Center Text

If you’re a fan of using HTML then you will want to keep reading to learn how to use HTML to center your text. While the <center> tag is considered deprecated in most layouts, it can still work in most cases. However, CSS style sheets are beginning to take over for normal HTML. Centering text … Read more

5 Warning Signs Your Computer is Starting to Fail

A computer’s life expectancy can depend on a number of things such as its hardware, the environment it’s in, and how often it’s used. A computer that is stored in a typically dry climate will generally last longer than a computer in a humid environment due to less corrosion and damage. In the same way, … Read more

Best Computer Repair Companies in Flemington NJ

Dave’s Computers’ mission is to provide exemplary service and provide our customers with the information they need to make an informed decision. This also includes information on competitors to help you decide which company is the best fit for you. Best Computer Repair Companies in Flemington, NJ When it comes to competition, we at Dave’s … Read more

Tips on Improving Slow or Sporadic Internet Connection

An internet connection that is slow or constantly disconnecting can be pretty frustrating. It can also be difficult to diagnose the problem as there are numerous devices responsible for providing your internet. There is also the possibility that your internet provider is experiencing difficulties, or there might even be a disruption somewhere in the line. … Read more

How to locate your web browser file downloads

If you’ve ever been looking for file downloads from a website and had them vanish into thin air, you aren’t alone. It seems like most computers were designed to take the files you download in your web browser and then store them in a hard-to-reach place. Luckily as software has been updated, manufacturers have realized … Read more

How to Use Accent Letters and Special Characters in Microsoft Word

While many different languages can operate within the English alphabet, there can be special characters and accent letters that still need to be used. Take the Spanish ‘ñ’ for example. While most Spanish words can be written with English letters, however, certain characters require accents or in this case, a tilde.  So how can you … Read more

How to Create or Generate a CSV File

If you do a lot of work with Microsoft Excel or other spreadsheet software, then you probably have a good idea of how useful CSV files can be. CSV stands for comma-separated values and it can be seen as the text version of a spreadsheet or table. CSV files can be incredibly useful when transferring … Read more

How to fix a frozen computer

Dealing with a stuck or frozen computer can be a frustrating ordeal. Computers lock up for a variety of reasons, but most often it’s because they were overwhelmed with tasks and ran out of the resources to handle them. If this happens a lot then it might be a sign that you need to upgrade … Read more