Microsoft is ditching Edge for Chromium

Microsoft replaced Internet Explorer with Edge in Windows 10. Even though the browser works better, offers more features and a much higher level of security, it just hasn’t taken off. If a leak from Microsoft is to be believed, they are planning to ditch Edge for a Chromium-based browser. That’s the technology behind Google Chrome. If you can’t beat them join them right?

The team here at Dave’s Computers in New Jersey use a variety of browsers but rarely do we use Edge. I personally prefer Firefox because it doesn’t harvest as much data as Chrome but there is not doubt that Chrome is the market leader and is likely to remain so for the foreseeable future.

Over the Edge

On one hand, it’s a little sad that Microsoft has given up on their own browser rather than persevering. After all, if they can develop Windows and Office 365, why can they not get a browser right? But after three decades, they still haven’t managed it for one reason or another.

Even the latest Edge isn’t anywhere near as feature-rich as Chrome, Firefox, Opera or many others. On the other hand, at least Microsoft is acknowledging where it falls behind and is doing something positive about it.

Those questions Windows 10 users kept being asked about why they were using Chrome and the slowdown of nags telling us websites look better in Edge make much more sense now.

Any color as long as it’s Chrome

The new browser isn’t going to be a carbon copy of Chrome though. It is just using the Blink rendering engine which sits in the background of Chrome to make things look pretty. It is likely that it will go the same was as Microsoft’s mobile browser that uses Blink and WebKit along with an Edge overlay.

There are rumors that we could see this new browser within the next couple of weeks. Just how the new browser will be rolled out we just don’t know. Hopefully it will be a standalone install rather than be rolled into a Windows Update. Those are being problematic enough right now and we don’t want any more issues!

We shall have to wait and see what happens with Edge or its Chromium replacement. It’s all rumors right now but someone at Microsoft has allegedly said it is happening. I don’t view this necessarily as a good thing for the internet at large but is definitely a good thing for Windows 10 users. We shall see how it all unfolds.

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