How to create a system image in Windows 10

A system image is a one to one copy of your operating system drive used to quickly recover your computer if anything happens. If you work or depend on your computer, it’s useful to have one of these images around for if the worst happens. You can rebuild your computer from an image ISO as … Read more

How to create and remove user accounts in Windows 10

A user account is essential for managing multiple users on a computer. It is where your configurations and favorites are stored and where account limits are enforced. The main user must have a Microsoft account but all other users can use either Microsoft or local user accounts. Today we will show you how to create … Read more

How to configure RAID in Windows 10

RAID, or a Redundant Array of Independent Disks, is a way of sharing data across multiple hard drives to enhance redundancy. It is usually used in business as a resilience measure but can also be used on home computers too. If you have three or more of the same hard drive, running RAID is a … Read more

If you use EA Origin for games update it right now!

I personally dislike this trend towards games launchers. I don’t trust them, they include large installations, try to control all your games, even non-brand games and are likely to report back far more data than we want them to. If you use EA Origin for your games, you need to update it right away. We … Read more

How to prepare for Windows 7 End of Life

Despite Windows 10 having been around for a couple of years now and Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 for many more, I still know a few people sticking with their Windows 7 computer. Unfortunately, the time is now here for a new operating system and likely, a new computer too. The Windows 7 End of … Read more

Is there a benefit to running a portable version of Windows 10?

My post last week on ‘Can you run Windows Server 2016 at home?’ prompted another question from a Dave’s Computer customer. He wanted to know if there is any advantage to running a portable version of Windows 10 instead of installing it the usual way. As he travels a lot and installing everything onto a … Read more

Do you need PC tuning applications to keep things running smoothly?

There are a bunch of PC cleaner apps and tuning programs that offer to help keep your Windows computer running smoothly. Some are free such as CCleaner while others are premium, like PC Health Advisor. There are also ads everywhere online offering PC cleaning software for a modest cost. Do you need things applications running … Read more

Can you transfer a Windows 10 license to another PC?

If you have a computer you currently run Windows 10 on and build yourself another, can you transfer the Windows 10 license to your new computer? This is a question we were asked in the store the other day. As it wasn’t the first time we had heard it so we thought we would add … Read more

How to roll back Windows drivers

A guy came into Dave’s Computers in New Jersey the other day having problems with his graphics card. He was experiencing artifacts and tearing on a game and the company who designed the game recommended rolling back his graphics driver. He didn’t know how, so came to us for help. That’s why today’s post is … Read more

What to expect in the Windows 10 April 2019 Update

The Windows 10 April 2019 Update is the next big download for Windows and is expected sometime in that month. Given how the October Update went, you would be forgiven for not waiting for this next one with baited breath. However, as computers are our thing, the guys here at Dave’s Computers in New Jersey … Read more