Recovering data after System Restore in Windows 10

System Restore in Windows 10 is pretty good and will often be able to recover itself without losing data. However, sometimes that isn’t possible and if you have generated data since create a backup, you stand a good chance of losing it. We can try to recover it though and todays’ post will show you how we can do that for you.

Dave’s Computers in New Jersey will often use System Restore to recover a broken Windows 10 computer. While a fresh install is always best, System Restore allows us to repair the computer without deleting or losing your data. As long as you have a recent restore point, we can recover your computer with the minimum of disruption.

If you do lose data, there are ways we can recover it.

Data recovery after Windows 10 System Restore

We would use System Restore after an issue that prevents you using Windows properly. That could be a faulty driver, Windows Update issue, malware or virus or something else. We would usually recommend a clean install after malware but if you have a lot of data you want to recover, we can do that with a System Restore.

Sometimes it is too risky as the malware or virus infection could easily have stored a copy of itself in your recovery drive. If we suspect that is the case, we can recover your data to a test PC, perform a full antivirus check, sanitize the data and recover it to a clean install on your computer.

This process takes a while but is the safest way we know of to recover data without also recovering a copy of malware or a virus!

If your computer stopped working properly because of a software issue, System Restore can be used to quickly recover your computer. This can still take a couple of hours but can also recover most, if not all, of your data.

Data loss and System Restore

If data is lost during System Restore, the data recovery experts at Dave’s Computers have your back. We have a selection of powerful data recovery tools we use daily to recover files, folders and anything else you may have lost. No data recovery process is 100% guaranteed to recover everything but our success rate is enviably high!

We use pro-level data recovery tools to recover all kinds of data in all kinds of situations. Considering we sometimes have to recover it from broken hard drives or worse, recovering data from a failed Windows computer is a breeze!

If you suffer data loss for any reason, stop what you’re doing immediately. Any further action on your computer could overwrite the very data you want us to recover. Then come down to Dave’s Computers in New Jersey where our data recovery experts will work their magic. You would be amazed at what they can do!