Four common hard drive problems and how to fix them

We tend to store everything on our phones and computers. The humble hard drive has quite the responsibility keeping all that data safe and accessible. That makes it very important to know what’s wrong if you’re having hard drive problems and how to fix them. That’s what this page is all about. If you’re having … Read more

Common data backup mistakes I bet you’re making

We talk a lot about backups here at Dave’s Computers in New Jersey. They are a cheap and easy way to keep your data safe and stops you needing our expert data recovery services. Rather than waiting for us to recover your data, you could do it yourself and be up and running again in … Read more

How offsite backups can avoid data loss

Dave’s Computers in New Jersey works a lot with our local community performing data recovery and general computer and network services. One thing we like to tell everyone is the importance of backups. We all know we need them but few actually get around to doing them. One thing we suggest a lot is an … Read more

Make regular backups part of your new routine in 2019

We are only four weeks into the new year and we here at Dave’s Computers have already seen customers come to us with data loss issues. Hard drives have failed, users have tried to recover data themselves and most of them lost it for good. I think now is a good time to set a … Read more