IT support

IT support: Everything you need to know about MAC addressing

On today’s IT support post, I’m going to discuss MAC addressing. It is an important aspect of computing and doesn’t get the attention it deserves. Everyone uses MAC addresses but very few people know what they are and what they do. That changes today. MAC addresses are usually taken care of automatically by the operating … Read more

IT support tasks: System spring clean

You know the saying ‘look after your equipment and it will look after you?’ This is very relevant to computers. If you look after your laptop, desktop or server, it can continue serving you for much longer than if you left it alone. So this week’s IT support post is all about spring cleaning your … Read more

Popular IT support questions: Why do computers slow down?

We deal with all sorts of IT support questions here at Dave’s Computers in Hillsborough. One of the most common is why a computer starts off fast and slows down so much? If the hardware is still working at 100 percent, why does everything run so slowly? From doing a little research, this question is … Read more

How remote support enables the agile business

Technology enables us to do what we need to do with the minimum of effort. It also allows us to be flexible, work anywhere and at any time. But if you don’t use a traditional office 9-5 model how can you ensure your systems are supported when you need them to be? By utilizing remote … Read more