What Experts Are Saying about Computer Viruses

  Computer viruses still pose a very real threat to laptop users, which is why customers often come to Dave’s Computers for computer help and data recovery. Despite advancements in IT and computer technology in recent years, computer experts confirm that viruses have always been – and will likely continue to be – one of … Read more

Network Security: Top Tips To Protect Your Business Network From Cyber Criminals

Running a business takes a lot of time, money, and effort, so be sure you protect your investment from hackers and thieves. Network security helps protect your business against cyber attacks. Implement these network security tips into your routine business operations and with routine systems checks and updates from Dave’s Computer! 1. Backup Files Often to … Read more

“Zombie Spyware” Calls for Computer Help

You are on your computer, minding your own business, perhaps browsing the web or updating social media. Worse, you may be even doing work. In any case, something comes up on your screen and says your machine is infected with a virus and you have to download the antivirus software immediately. It even provides you … Read more