Ubuntu 19.04 Disco Dingo released into the wild

A new version of the most popular Linux distribution, Ubuntu has been released into the wild. Ubuntu 19.04, Disco Dingo has hit release and is said to offer more stability, security, performance and some visual tweaks too. As we use Ubuntu here at Dave’s Computer in New Jersey, we are very interested in what’s new.

is available as a direct download from here or as an upgrade from within your existing install. Disco Dingo isn’t an LTS release so will only be with us for a while but it looks well worth having a play around with.

Disco Dingo

So what’s new and worth the download?

New desktop – GNOME has been given an overhaul to make it faster and more responsive. There is also a new look with flatter icons, a tidier desktop and a new desktop icon. These are small changes that combine to create a brand new look. The obligatory new wallpaper is also present.

A bunch of new icons are also present for files, folders and other applications. The Terminal has also been given a slight upgrade with better top menu bar.

Night Light – As someone who uses his computers a lot at night, the improved night light is a welcome addition for me. We got it first with Windows and now Linux is offering it too. It’s much more flexible than Windows, offering an incremental slider to change the color temperature of the desktop. I haven’t tried it in the dark yet bit I am expecting great things!

Livepatch – Livepatch is something we have been looking forward to for a while. It’s a live patching service that should be able to patch the Linux kernel without requiring a reboot. If you run Linux as a server, this is great news as the number of reboots will reduce drastically.

New sound UI – Another small but useful update looks to be the sound controls. The functions remain the same but if you use a mix of speakers and headphones and switch between the two, you should now find it much easier to do so. Volume control is also made more accessible.

Linux Kernel 5.0.0-8 – Under the hood, Linux Kernel 5.0.0-8, called Shy Crocodile is also introduced within Disco Dingo. There is little to report here aside from better performance after Spectre and Meltdown patches. If you noticed stuttering or slow performance after those two vulnerabilities were patched, this new kernel should undo some of that degradation while maintaining the same protection.

There are likely other improvements in Ubuntu 19.04 Disco Dingo that I haven’t seen yet. From those I have seen, this is a modest but steady improvement that takes care of the fundamentals while not offering any amazing new features. As reliability is a key reason why we use Linux, I’m more than happy with that.